Youths urged to embrace Second Republic opportunities Clr Jimu

Victor Maphosa

Mashonaland East Bureau

AS the nation celebrated the National Youth Day yesterday, youths across the country have been encouraged to embrace the vast opportunities brought by the Second Republic and strive to occupy influential positions for the benefit of their country.

This was said by Councillor Tafadzwa Jimu of Ward 23, Marondera Rural District Council in an interview.

Clr Jimu (Zanu PF) is one of the youths from Mashonaland East Province who won during the August 2023 harmonised general elections.

He said the Second Republic has created a conducive environment for youths to excel in all areas.

“As we celebrate National Youth Day, I want to appeal to my colleagues to be bold enough and occupy positions of influence,” he said. 

“The Second Republic is giving youths an opportunity to participate in national issues. I am one of the youths who contested in the general elections last year and won. I am happy because of this opportunity that the Second Republic has created for us.

“We have youths who are now Members of Parliament from this province, others have ministerial positions. This is because of the Second Republic through the mantra of leaving no one and no place behind.”

Clr Jimu said youths celebrated the day bearing in mind that they have a responsibility to build their country.

“We are happy that through these opportunities, now our voices are being heard in all sectors. 

“This should be commended by all. It motivates others,” he said.

Clr Jimu said youths should also upgrade their education all the time to remain relevant to the needs of the country and the world.

He called on youths to take advantage of several programmes being implemented by Government to empower them.

“The Second Republic is conducting several projects aimed at empowering youths at ward to national level. 

“I urge youths to participate in these projects and empower themselves. Let youths work hard and contribute towards the attainment of Vision 2030. 

“We were even given a bank (EmpowerBank) where we can apply for loans to finance economic projects. So, let us thank the Second Republic for all these initiatives meant to empower us,” he said.

And as the nation grapples with the drug and substance abuse menace, Clr Jimu urged young people to leave drugs and focus on personal and national development.

Drugs, he said, can ruin the lives of youths forever.

“If you are one of the youths who is into drug and substance abuse, just know your future is in danger. I advise youths to stop this disastrous habit. Let us focus our minds on developing this great nation.

“Youths should know that drugs and substance abuse will only destroy their future. We are youths today and the future leaders of Zimbabwe so we must be responsible, always. Stop drug and substance abuse and build the future of this nation,” Clr Jimu said.

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