Youths driving economic growth through mass markets

Mangaliso Lawrence Kabulika

IN a development validating that youths play a significant role in growing the economy, experts have confirmed that the former produce about 100 commodities sold at mass markets such as Mbare Musika.

Knowledge Transfer Africa chief executive officer, Dr Charles Dhewa recently acknowledged that the surge in youth-led entrepreneurships had sparked optimism among policymakers and experts who now recognise the pivotal role of young people in shaping the country’s economic landscape through agriculture.

“The youth dominate the production of 100 commodities sold at mass markets such as Mbare Musika, showcasing their unwavering commitment to driving economic growth.

“Their entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach is redefining Zimbabwe’s agricultural and rural development sectors,” said Dr Dhewa.

Echoing Dr Dhewa’s views, youth desk chief programmes coordinator in the Ministry of Lands, Agriculture, Water, Fisheries, and Rural Development, Mr Nickros Kajengo said the active participation of young people in the production and sale of commodities demonstrated their eagerness to contribute to Zimbabwe’s economic prosperity.

“This youth-led movement has the potential to revolutionise the agricultural landscape and create sustainable livelihoods for future generations.

“With Zimbabwe’s youth population comprising a significant portion of the country’s demographic, their participation in the economy is crucial for sustainable development. This surge in youth-led production and entrepreneurship signifies a positive shift towards a vibrant and inclusive economy, providing employment opportunities, reducing dependency on imports, and driving export growth,” he said.

Mr Kajengo also added that youths’ active participation in agriculture resonated well with the theme: ‘Positioning youth empowerment and development towards Vision 2030’ under which the recently held National Youth Day Celebrations were running.

“It is encouraging to see the youth taking charge of their future and actively contributing to the agricultural sector, which plays a vital role in achieving our National Development Goals.

“There is need for continuous support, mentorship and access to resources from the Government for young farmers to enhance their skills and entrepreneurial capabilities,” he said.

Zimbabwe Farmers Union national youth secretary, Mr Joshua Zinzombe, echoed the same sentiments highlighting the importance of creating an enabling environment for young entrepreneurs.

“The youths’ engagement in agricultural activities is essential for the sector’s growth and the overall development of our nation. By nurturing their skills, providing access to resources and markets and fostering supportive policies, we can harness the youth’s potential as catalysts for economic transformation

“I encourage my fellow young farmers to recognise the wisdom of taking agriculture as a business and profession. Through our active involvement in contributing to the food supply in mass markets, we have experienced first-hand the immense impact we can make. Let us embrace agriculture as a noble pursuit, as it not only provides sustenance for our nation but also offers us the opportunity to shape our future,” said Mr Zinzombe.




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