Youths complement Govt’s tree planting efforts It is part of efforts to complement Government efforts in reforestation and afforestation programmes to mitigate the effects of global warming and climate change, which have become a global problem.

Ivan Zhakata Herald Correspondent

YOUTHS in Harare are complementing Government efforts to combat climate change through supporting tree planting initiatives and at the same time making Harare a more pleasant city to live in.

The youths have since started planting trees across the city and educating their counterparts on issues to do with mental health and drug abuse.

Youths under the Go Green Association of Zimbabwe yesterday planted more than 36 trees in Kuwadzana at an event that was aimed at improving lifelong outcomes for children by advancing environmental health, safety, and sustainability.

The event at Greening Kuwadzana Project was attended by youth organisations that included Ndinewe Foundation and Go Green Association of Zimbabwe who came through to cement their collaboration with the Greening Kuwadzana project.

Over 200 children attended the event and were taught on the importance of growing trees, mental health issues and to refrain from substance abuse.

Mr Tafadzwa Gwini founder of Greening Kuwadzana Project said they have been working to protect children’s health in schools and conserve natural resources for future generations.

“Trees are a very important element in our lives and the cutting down of trees have affected us in so many ways. 

“As the Greening Kuwadzana Project we are urging the youth and children to plant trees in line with the Government’s mandate to preserve the environment and combat climate change that is negatively impacting on the environment,” he said.

Ms Tanatswa Chikaura founder of Ndinewe Foundation said they have been worried with the rising cases of mental health hence they decided to rope in youths in tree planting so as to keep them occupied as well as preserving the environment.

“Ndinewe targets mental health issues in youths and combats substance abuse. Having more youths partake in tree planting and events looking after their environments gives them a sense of purpose and it is therapeutic to be in a greener environment,” she said.

Mr Tino Chimusoro, vice chairperson of the Go Green Association of Zimbabwe said forests were important in mitigating the effects of climate change.

“We want to motivate the youths to plant and preserve trees as they play an important part in combating climate change. 

“We will be engaging youth across the country to plant trees not only when they are celebrating but to enhance the environment and ecosystem integrity,” he said.

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