Youth transporters tackle drug abuse among people living on the streets Mr Gwengwe

Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter

Harare Youth Transporters Association (Hayta) remains committed to complementing Government’s efforts in fighting drug and substance abuse by assisting youths living on the streets who would have been rehabilitated from the vice.

Hayta chairman Mr Edmore Gwengwe said:

“As private players, our efforts are currently underway to rehabilitate children living on the streets in Harare. We take them under our umbrella and transfer life skills to them. Every morning, we take them from Harare’s central business district to Mbare where there is a bathing facility and food, so that they do not starve and end up engaging in drug abuse,” said Mr Gwengwe.

He said private transporters are employing people living on the streets to earn a better living.

Some of the rehabilitated people living on the streets are being absorbed in the transport sector as conductors in most ranks in Harare while some are assisted to acquire driver’s licenses.

Hayta, he said, has so far absorbed more than 30 streets youths in Harare to work as conductors for them to earn a living.

“Some of them are hard to convince to shun away from drug abuse, but we are saying let’s play our part and convince those who are willing to transform for a better future,” said Mr Gengwe.

One beneficiary of Hayta’s programme, Tapiwa Chirenge (19) who has since been employed as a conductor expressed gratitude for being given an opportunity to live a better life.

“I am thankful to Hayta for giving me a chance to earn a living. My life has since changed. I am no longer living on the streets as I am now able to take care of myself.

“During my time living on the streets, I used to abuse different types of drugs due to life’s pressures but I am happy that I am now clean and looking forward to starting my own family,” he said.

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