Youth League commends Politburo for elevating ex-provincial leaders

15 Jan, 2022 - 00:01 0 Views
Youth League commends Politburo for elevating ex-provincial leaders Cde Chirau

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Joseph Madzimure Senior Reporter

Zanu PF Youth League has commended the Politburo’s decision to have all former provincial youth chairpersons who were part of the national executive to become members of the Central Committee.

Some of the former provincial youth league members contested at the main-wing and women’s league.

The party’s acting deputy Secretary for Youth Affairs Cde Tendai Chirau hailed the Politburo’s decision to have all former provincial youth chairpersons who were part of the national executive, and could not get executive positions during the just-ended elections, become members of the Central Committee.

“We are forever grateful and highly indebted to His Excellency, Cde Dr ED Mnangagwa and the Zanu PF Politburo for availing this innovative dispensation, which allows young cadres to serve and learn, as the people’s revolutionary party strengthens its foothold on the reins of power.

“As the President recently pronounced, 2022 is our “Year of Growth”. In view of this therefore, the Zanu PF Youth League pledges unreserved commitment to promote and amplify production and productivity, as we gear towards 2023 and beyond,” said Cde Chirau.

Cde Chirau also congratulated all party cadres who were elevated to provincial posts at different capacities during the just-ended intra-party provincial elections.

“We note with much appreciation the fact that those who made it to the positions rose through the ranks from district level, while some were already provincial members which speaks volumes about the revolutionary Party’s faithfulness to the ethos of merit, democracy and continuity.

” We give due credit to all former youth provincial executive members for having served the party in those capacities with distinction, and look forward to their continued support and dedication to the revolution going forward,” he said.

The youth league, he said is particularly buoyed by the fact that some former provincial executive members successfully progressed to the main wing, with some managing to assume leadership posts such as the newly elected Matabeleland South chairman Cde Mangaliso Ndlovu.

“This welcome development shows evidence of the reality of generational blending in Zanu PF, where the young get a chance to serve while also learning from their more experienced and mature elders, as they work together in pursuit of the sacrosanct national objective of Unity, Peace and Development,” Cde Chirau said.

 He challenged those who won in urban areas to reclaim all lost electoral ground.

“In an environment where the opposition’s blatant incompetence has turned our urban areas into medieval slums where poor service delivery is the order of the day, our immediate task should be to reclaim all lost electoral ground in those areas. We need to ensure that our cities regain their lost dignity and glory, and therefore, we should all put hands on deck and render dedicated service to the urban renewal drive, which Government is already spearheading through programmes like the Emergency Road Rehabilitation Programme, among other pro-people initiatives.

“For this, we urge all members who were gifted this opportunity to serve to always remember that in a revolution like ours, we do not necessarily need to be friends in order to work together, but we certainly require the spirit of comradeship in its fullness. Among comrades, there are no winners and losers,” he said.

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