Young Zimdancehall chanter itches  for recognition Big Bhoyaman

Daniel Kiwiti 

Youth Interactive Correspondent

UNHERALDED Zimdancehall chanter, Big Bhoyaman, is itching for recognition. 

Born Joseph Mukombwe 24 years ago in the mining town of Shamva, his life has been centred on music. 

After years of performing cover versions of seasoned musicians, he has finally recorded and produced a single in Cape Town, South Africa.

Titled “Dai Uriwe”, the single warns cheating couples to desist from their behaviour.  His cousin Nigel Chabata backed him in the studio. In an interview, Bhoyaman conceded that the road was not easy. 

“Whether you are just getting started or have stumbled upon a creative bump in the road, it’s no secret that it can sometimes be tough to get motivated as a musician. 

“Looking up to those who did well, I feel inspired to be following in their footsteps. 

“I know fans might be adjusting their tastes and preferences to the new sounds on the airwaves, but I am confident I will make it with the help of my brother Nigel Chabata,” he said. 

Bhoyaman used to record himself using a cellphone and sent the audio to South Africa. He nailed it despite several challenges. 

His advice to upcoming musicians is never to give up on their dreams. Inspired by Killer T, Bhoyaman has vowed to make an impression in the future and be counted among the best. 

He said he would not be deterred by several challenges he was facing in his career. 

Bhoyaman is currently working on the visuals of his single. 

Like most of his peers in Shamva, he could not resist the call to be a musician. 

He has been in the game for close to a decade, having started singing at the age of 14. Financial constraints have been his biggest let down which saw him almost quitting music. 

His cousin Chabata has been pushing him to pursue music despite the challenges. 

As has become the trend, young people have resorted to music to ease their sorrows. Bhoyaman, who comes from a humble background, did not let that kill his dream. 

He believes he will soon become a household name in Zimbabwe, since he is talented. 

“I won’t lose hope or throw in the towel because I know where I am going to in my life. 

“I got this gift from God and I need to fully utilise it and make an impression.” 

However, when it comes to the influence of music on the youth, it has always played a significant role in their lives and holds a special place in the hearts of the young. 

From the moment we are born, music surrounds us, shaping our emotions, thoughts, and behaviour. 

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