Young women conduct anti-sugar daddy campaign

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Young women conduct  anti-sugar daddy campaign

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Dylan Dzenga Youth Interactive Writer

While it may be controversial, young girls are finding the idea of dating older men “sugar daddies” more appealing compared to getting a part-time job to cater for their needs.

Two youth organizations registered under the Zimbabwe Youth Association, Active Mindsets and Preshvalshy held a very successful event on 30 July in Mbare where they invited guests to give advice about sugar daddies to young girls.

Invited guests who spoke at the event were from Mukadzi Munhuwo Women’s Forum and Ladies in Action Zimbabwe.

“A lot of young girls and women are falling prey to paedophiles and older men who abuse them in exchange for money and luxurious goods. I believe intergenerational relationships fuel Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) to the girl child”, said Charlotte Chigwedere, founder of Active Mindsets

The young leaders strongly believe that the girl-child needs to be taught to be financially independent and do away with the mindset of depending on older men to have a good life.

The upcoming teen poet and writer Makomborero Nhau also shared advice with fellow peers through poetry sessions at the event.

“The future of this country lies in the hands of the young people and they should be educated on things that may put their lives in danger,

“This is why we are working towards informing and educating these young girls as well as empowering them with entrepreneurial skills so that they become financially independent”, added Precious Kambarame, founder of Preshvalshy Hope Foundation

More than 50 young girls from Mbare and Sunningdale turned up which gave the reassurance and the positivity the young girls in Zimbabwe have to learn and keep on the right track.

Sugar daddies have become a huge threat to young girls in both high schools, colleges and universities preying on young girls who are struggling to balance life and school due to financial problems their families face.

“It is also up to young girls to determine how they deal with these cases because most of them find it very normal to sleep around with older men for money so what we are trying to do is discourage them from doing it,” said Makomborero

Young women like Charlotte Chigwedere and Precious Kambarame are working towards equipping their peers with skills that can also help them become financially stable and independent and get rid of the dependence syndrome.

“Young women and girls need to support each other and embark on this journey to end Sugar Daddies to create a safer environment for us and those that come after as well”, said Precious

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