Young woman transforms  lives of single mothers Prudence Mbaura

Dylan Dzenga Youth Interactive Writer

People draw inspiration from different aspects of life, some get it from their surroundings, from life experiences, but for Prudence Mbaura, it was from her mother.

The 20 year-old from Norton is a true definition of a woman who rises by lifting others up.

“Growing up and being raised by a single mother, I learnt to value and appreciate independent women  and all that they do to take care of their children.”

Prudence says her parents divorced when she was still a toddler, but over the years, her mother has raised them well and taught them to not hold on to their parents’ issues, but love them equally.

At such a tender age, the young lady is the founder of Mukadzi Munhuwo, an organisation that seeks to address challenges being faced by single mothers and also help them start projects so that they can be financially independent.

“The challenges my mother faced raising me and my siblings taught me all the negativity these women face in society and how they can be rejected as well,” she added.

Most women’s situations are not always because of their fault, most of the women the organisation has assisted are victims of Gender-Based Violence and all of them have appreciated the young lady’s desire to equip them both socially and financially.

Besides helping women, Prudence is also a co-founder of Tamiranashe Empowerment Advocacy, a non-profit organisation that focuses on providing meaningful education to underprivileged children living in Norton.

Since its start in 2015, the organisation has managed  to enrol 2 000 primary and 500 high school pupils.

While many people have risen up founding organisations that seek to help people of different ages, gender or ethnicity, Prudence has stood out considering her age and background.

Financial incapacitation has not stopped the young lady from assisting people in her area.

“I really want to reach out to other parts of Zimbabwe, assisting all women to become independent and self-funded. It is something that is still in planning, as soon as our projects start paying, we are going national,” Prudence said

Some of the few projects that Prudence, through Mukadzi Munhuwo, has started to help women are baking, making cosmetics, and agriculture. A total of 3 000these women have benefited from this initiative.

“As an organisation, we also set up a legal aid department after seeing how most of the women are victims of gender-based violence. Ssome of the men keep troubling the women even after they decide to end their relationships.”

Prudence is such an inspiration to the younger generation as she acts more and talks less.

She is just 20 years-old and is already a role model for women empowerment.


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