Young singer charms First Lady
First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa

First Lady Auxillia Mnangagwa

Noah Pito in HURUNGWE
When the First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa visited Hurungwe Children’s Home recently, a Grade 6 pupil at the home had an opportunity to showcase his musical prowess by singing Jah Prayzah’ s song “Chengetedza”, leaving the mother of the nation marvelling at the talent that the young singer possesses.

The moment Nyasha Musiiwa took to the stage, the name Jah Prayzah was shouted from all corners of the venue, hinting that the upcoming musician was in fact a popular “Jah Prayzah” of the area.

A teacher from Chikangwe Primary School — where Nyasha attends school — said the orphan had become a celebrity at the school having also been renamed Jah Prayzah by his peers due to the unique proficiency with which he articulated lyrics on Jah Prayzah’s songs.

“Even us teachers (at Chikangwe Primary School), we no longer call him Nyasha but Prayzah. In fact, he has become our local ‘Jah Prayzah’ in our school yard. The lad has a talent that must be fostered for a competent musical future,” said the male teacher who chose to remain anonymous for professional reasons.

Back at the children’s home it also emerged that Nyasha is now popular for his Jah Prayzah stunts.

Nyasha in an interview said he had become a serious Jah Prayzah follower after the musician’s visit to Hurungwe Children’s Home in 2016.

“I can sing all of Jah Prayzah’s songs from the album ‘Kumbumura Mhute’ while I’m still in the process of mastering those from the album ‘Kutonga Kwaro’. I started following Jah Prayzah’s music in 2016 when he visited this home. That day we spent time together with him. He brought his mbira and played us as we interacted for about five hours. During that time he also told us several stories about his music. That day he also brought us many groceries,” he said.

Apart from his proficiency on vocals, Nyasha can also play drums, an art he said developed in him while he was in Grade 3.

“I would be very happy if someone donates some mbira to me, so that I can learn how to play this instrument which happens to be on top of my favourite instruments,’’ said Nyasha.

Meanwhile, the First Lady’s visit to Hurungwe Children’s Home was celebrated like Christmas Day by children from seven children’s homes in Mashonaland West Province who among others enjoyed moments of fun on jumping castles, dancing and singing before being treated to mouth-watering lunch packs, soft drinks and various other snacks.

The First Lady donated several food stuffs and basic non-food items. In order to put the orphans on the same footing with their counterparts from conventional family set-ups, the First Lady also donated a television set and a satellite decoder to each of the seven homes in order to cater for their entertainment needs.

Currently Hurungwe Children’s Home has 59 children (30 boys and 29 girls) with 21 of them attending primary school and 38 going to secondary school.

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