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Young Sables get new coach


Paul Munyuki Sports Reporter
FRANCE national coach in charge of vocational training Jean-Marc Bederede is imparting a more professional mind-set into the Zimbabwe squad preparing for the World Rugby Under-20 Trophy tournament at St George’s College.

Bederede has been in the country since Sunday and has conducted a number of training sessions with the Young Sables.

This is not the first time that Zimbabwe has benefited from the French technical expertise as the Under-20 Class of 2012 camped in France at Castres Olympique for a week on their way to the United States for the Junior World Rugby Trophy Tournament.

The World Rugby Under-20 Trophy tourney gets under way in six weeks’ time and will run concurrently with Prince Edward’s Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival but the competitions have been arranged in such a way that match dates do not clash.

The ever-growing annual Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival will this year take a new format that will see the event incorporate primary schools and run for seven days.

Traditionally, the festival has been running for six days starting on a Monday and concluding on a Saturday with the schools traditional rugby giants playing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays while the up-and-coming schools featured on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Junior Trophy Draw

Group A: Fiji, Samoa, Uruguay, Zimbabwe (host)

Group B: Hong Kong, Namibia, Spain, United States

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