Young model makes strides Tamar (wearing crown) and her team cleaning up Prospect Park in Harare.

Latwell Nyangu Youth Interactive Correspondent

Train up a child in the way he or she should go; even when they are old, they will not depart from it.

This aptly describes nine-year-old Tamar Muchineuta whose inspiration is empowering other young girls.

This phrase emphasises the importance of laying a foundation for a child’s values and beliefs from an early age.

By instilling positive behaviours and attitudes, parents can help their children grow into responsible and virtuous adults who are grounded in their faith and hold onto their principles throughout their lives.

While every child is unique and may require different forms of guidance and support, this verse highlights the crucial role that parents play in shaping their child’s character and the long-term benefits that come with investing the time and effort to do so.

For Tamar, it is her determination to be a role model who helps other girls rise against abuse and child marriages.

She is moulding her values from doing basic things including cleanliness and raising awareness on child protection. To enhance her passion, last week, she held a clean-up campaign at Prospect Park in Harare courtesy of her Foundation, The Queen Tamar.

“I founded The Queen Tamar Foundation as a way to help the vulnerable as well as doing initiatives that help the community.

“It is my wish to save the girl child and present to the world the power of a woman. And such initiatives should start from the grassroots rather than talk about these at a later stage,” she said. The young model and radio personality is making strides using pageantry.

“I am very passionate about education and modelling since it helps me reach out to a wide audience.

“Being part of these initiatives makes me feel and drives my passion to make a difference in the world, especially helping other children look up to me as a role model.

“I want to be an inspiration to young girls and give a vision that is rooted in empowering other girls,” she added.

On the clean-up campaign, she said: “Clean-up campaigns are very effective in bringing communities together and through enhancing social bonds.

“It makes people more appreciative of their environment.”

Her mother Shalom said she is excited to see her child making inroads into a well-groomed young girl. “I am excited to see my daughter doing well and showing signs of best grooming etiquette.

“This is in line with her vision as a role model to other young girls. Tamar is very passionate about seeing other young girls doing well in changing the negative perception.

“As parents, we need to groom our children in a good way which they will not depart from when they grow up.”

In April Tamar represented Zimbabwe at the Little Mr and Miss Africa pageant which was held in South Africa. She was crowned the Rising Star Queen.

She was also a winner of Miss Universe Super Talent last year.

Tamar is also a presenter on Capitalk FM where she presents to children on Sundays from 9 to 10 am.

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