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Young Igwe remembers City Sports Bar

30 Jan, 2015 - 00:01 0 Views
Young Igwe remembers City Sports Bar Peter Moyo

The Herald

Entertainment Reporter
Peter Moyo will tonight perform at City Sports Bar at a show that is expected to take fans down memory lane.

City Sports Bar has touching memories for Peter’s Utakataka Express. The venue hosted one of Tongai’s last shows where ladies wept after seeing him on stage in a frail stature during his last days.

Peter has performed at the venue before and Utakataka Express fans have massively supported him at his previous outings.

The musician said the venue has touching memories for him and his band.

“Most of the band members vividly remember that touching night when some people cried when they saw my ailing father going on stage.

Every time I perform at City Sports Bar I salute the fans for their solidarity with the band and my late father.

It is one of our favourite venues and we will continue performing there whenever we get the opportunity,” said Peter.

Popularly known as Young Igwe, Peter has been at the helm of Utakataka Express since his father’s death.

Despite being deserted by key members of the band at some point, the young musician has soldiered on and continues to hold shows every week across the country.

The return of the band members that had jumped ship has brought new life to the band and tonight’s show is likely to be a thriller.

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