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Commuters disgruntled over Council’s decision ...

Commuters in Harare have expressed disapproval of the decision by the Harare City Council to ban commuter omnibuses ...

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Young Igwe ready for SA assignment

Young Igwe ready for SA assignment Peter Moyo

Brenda Phiri Entertainment Reporter
The spirits are high in South Africa as fans await the much publicised Peter Moyo and the Utakataka Express shows that are lined up for Johannesburg tonight and Cape Town tomorrow according to promoter James “Jimmy Jimalo” MacAdams.

Moyo arrived in the neighbouring country yesterday ahead of his performances.

“Spirits are high this side and people have been talking about the show for a while now.

“The stage is set as we have been preparing the shows for the past weeks. It is now up to Peter to prove himself,” he said.

Jimmy Jimlo said he is confident the young Igwe – as Moyo is affectionately known – will rise to the occasion as he has worked hard to grow his career.

The “Mushonga Mukuru” singer who is in Mzansi will be put to test as the headline performer with youthful supporting acts – Simba Saini, Cater B and General Waspy.

“I have always felt compelled to work with him because I knew his father from the time he was starting out his career too in Kwekwe. Since taking over the band, Peter was struggled at first and could not a single song.

“Because of determination he has improved greatly. I have been following his music on you tube and it is clear he is now his own man,” he said.

Speaking on the crowd they were anticipating, the Kwekwe-born businessman said the show was likely going to be thronged by those that appreciate good music.

“Peter actually does command a strong following here in Cape Town. He stayed here for a while so some of the fans know him personally.

“Besides, most people who have been out of Zimbabwe for some time are likely to make the better part of the crowd as they easily relate to music from back home,” he said.

Jimmy Jimalo said while he has been known to support mostly Zim dancehall music and artistes for the past months, he was also supportive of all Zimbabwean music.

“Sungura is a fundamental aspect of Zimbabwean music and it ought to be supported as well. Some of us grew up listening to the likes of Devera Ngwena and Patrick Chifamba so music like this brings us closer to home,” he said.

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