Young girls in Seke receive reusable sanitary pads A Kandava Secondary School pupil receives renewable sanitary pads from the Foundation executive.

Ivan Zhakata recently in Seke

At least 217 young girls at Kandava Secondary School in Seke have received reusable sanitary pads from VaChirenda Centre of Hope Foundation.

The donation campaign code-named Donate-A-Pad by the foundation comes at a time when the country is making endless efforts to empower the girl child, especially those in rural communities.

The foundation is also soliciting for sewing machines to donate to the school for girls to make their own pads.

Founder of the foundation Mrs Xoey Chimombe said they will support every girl child in Seke district.

“We are coming back to Kandava Secondary School with sewing machines,” she said.


“We will teach school girls how to design pads and it will be a permanent project that will see all girls in the community getting assisted.”

The event was graced by parents and local community leaders who expressed gratitude to the foundation.

The foundation has been doing a lot of projects, among them soap and petroleum making around the Seke district and the projects are uplifting women and girls for self-reliance.

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