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Young BMX rider for World Champs

16 Oct, 2018 - 00:10 0 Views

The Herald

Nokutenda Chiyangwa Sports Reporter
Zimbabwe’s motocross rider Jayden Muzinda is expected to make his debut as a world renowned rider when he takes part in the Bicycle Motorcross (BMX) World Championships to be held in Belgium next year.

Jayden who is brother to top-notch rider Tanya Muzinda started training when he was only four years old and has successfully completed The BMX nationals and The Inter-provincial Championships, while grabbing first place in all of them.

This automatically qualified him for selection by the National Selectors for the World Championships.

Father to the young racer, Tapiwa Muzinda expressed joy for his son’s achievement saying that racing has always been a part of the family.

“I am very excited that my son has attained the opportunity to participate on a world level. It was not easy, he had to train hard but hard work pays off. I have three kids who are involved in Motorsport and Cycling (BMX off-road).

“Tanya, I train her myself am her Regional Manager and trainer

“The other two Alicia is a girl she is 9 years she started motocross when she was 6 and now she is full time racing BMX.

“The third one is Jayden and he is a boy he started on BMX when he was 4 years but started to compete when he was five Years old. Jayden has competed in Zimbabwe for now.

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