Xi calls for protection of Chinese civilization, culture and heritage President Xi Jinping

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for the protection of the country’s rich cultural heritage in a speech he made Friday during a visit to the Chinese Academy of History.

He also visited the China National Archive of Publications and Culture on Thursday afternoon.

The Chinese leader said a deep and comprehensive understanding of the Chinese past will allow the nation to draw upon its traditional culture to meet the challenges of the time. He stressed the need for creativity and innovation.

President Xi described Chinese civilization as unique, cohesive, innovative, uniform, and peaceful.

He said the nation is not afraid of facing up to challenges, and that the unity of the country is China’s core interest.

President Xi also reaffirmed that China does not support hegemony or impose its own values and system on others and that Beijing will continue to contribute to world peace and the international order.

Finally, President Xi said the country is at a historic turning point and he called on experts working in the field of culture to continue preserving and innovating the riches of Chinese civilization. Cen Ziyuan has more. – CGTN

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