Women’s League backbone of the party: President Zanu PF First Secretary and President Cde Mnangagwa addresses the Women’s League National Assembly at the ruling party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday. — Picture: Believe Nyakudjara

Joseph Madzimure

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THE Zanu PF Women’s League must continue to demonstrate that it is the backbone of the party’s mobilisation machinery and has the weighty responsibility to grow and keep the membership galvanised, President Mnangagwa has said.

Officially opening the Zanu-PF Women’s League National Assembly at the ruling party’s headquarters in Harare yesterday, President Mnangagwa said the league was the nerve centre of the party.

“I challenge you, as the Women’s League, to continue to demonstrate that you are the backbone of our party’s mobilisation machinery and have the weighty responsibility to grow and keep our membership galvanised,” said President Mnangagwa.

Zanu PF is currently undertaking a cell/village restructuring exercise to attract new members.

President Mnangagwa said through individual and collective efforts, the young, professionals and non-professionals must find their way into the party. 

“Zanu PF ihomwe inokwana munhu wose. We must continue to spread our wings far and wide. Together with the Commissariat and the Herbert Chitepo School of Ideology, you must ramp up your mobilisation and cadre-ship development programmes.” 

President Mnangagwa said his Government will ensure that programmes for women’s empowerment will be facilitated and supported.

“The Zanu PF Government is fostering a conducive environment for you to showcase your potential, while enriching ideas and perspectives to advance the national development agenda.

“Going forward, the Women’s League, as the nerve centre of our mass party, is called upon to continue rooting itself in the founding ideals, values and principles of this party and always avail yourselves to wholeheartedly serve our nation. 

“This is a cornerstone for the ongoing renewal, modernisation and growth of our revolutionary movement,” said President Mnangagwa.

He commended the league for showing resilience, endurance, strength, hard honest work, focus and commitment to both the party and Government.

“On the socio-economic front, the nation celebrates you as leaders and mothers who play multiple roles. Even in the face of the illegal sanctions imposed on us by some Western countries, including America and its allies, the negative effects of climate change as well as supply chain disruptions; you have been the champions of development, production, and productivity. Undoubtedly, there is nothing that passes through your hands and hard work that you cannot multiply and increase for prosperity.”

He challenged the Women’s League to take a keen interest in accelerating the successful implementation of policies, programmes and projects that help lift people out of poverty into prosperity.

“You must as the Women’s League, take a keen interest in accelerating the successful implementation of policies, programmes and projects that help lift many of our people out of poverty into prosperity,” the President said.

He urged the women to refrain from pulling each other down but instead take the lead in ensuring the broad empowerment across all aspects of life. 

The President commended women appointed in decision-making positions for their efforts in transforming the country’s economy.

“It is commendable that the proportion of women in decision-making positions, including in the body politic of our country, is gradually growing,” he said.

He said the Zanu PF Government was determined to invest in more programmes towards promoting gender equity and equality.

“Stakeholders in the private sector, as well as the gender mainstreaming discourse must complement Government efforts to uplift women and girls. Together, we can realise the women empowerment targets.

“I am aware that on your part as the Women’s League, you have rolled out programmes to fulfil our election promises. I commend you for the various visits and engagements with grassroots communities.

“Further, on-going skills development and capacity building programmes targeting women and girls must be scaled up. As you do so, it is critically important that you reflect on the various resolutions, decisions, and policy directives of the party,” he said.

He called upon the league to strengthen relations and partner with other sister revolutionary movements within and beyond the region such as Frelimo of Mozambique, ANC (South Africa), SWAPO (Namibia) among other revolutionary parties. 

“We won the liberation struggle in solidarity with the regional and international community. Hence, I call upon you to strengthen relations and partner with other sister revolutionary movements within and beyond the region. Support each other and develop synergies as well as solutions to the challenges we may face within our region and the continent as a whole.”

The Second Republic, President Mnangagwa said, is expediting the implementation of projects and programmes that speed up the attainment of Vision 2030 in the areas of education, health, water, sanitation, hygiene as well as legislative reforms.

President Mnangagwa said a comprehensive food mitigation programme that addresses the needs of vulnerable members is already underway and no one will die of hunger.

“Boosting community resilience and food security at the household level, village by village and ward by ward is being pursued with a sense of urgency. I challenge the Women’s League and the Party as a whole to, take a leading role in promoting the Presidential Climate- proofed Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme, among other smart agriculture initiatives, during the forthcoming 2024/2025 Summer Cropping season,” he said.

On the issue of land, President Mnangagwa expressed confidence in the capacity of women in increasing productivity especially of traditional grains and other crop varieties that are suitable for the country’s agro-ecological regions.

“In addition, the Village Agriculture Business Units, investments in mining, tourism, as well as small and medium enterprises, should result in improved incomes and livelihoods for households,” said President Mnangagwa.

In his closing remarks, President Mnangagwa reiterated his call for the women to be beacons of inspiration and motivation.

The meeting was held under the theme: “Expanding the Frontiers of Resilience, Strength and Commitment in Advancing the Total Inclusion and Empowerment of Women: Celebrating Continued Success Towards Vision 2030”.

The theme is in tandem with the recently commemorated International Women’s Day, which advocated for the advancement and inclusive empowerment of women.

The Women’s League’s National Assembly was held in accordance with Zanu PF’s constitution, Article 18, Section 237.

 As a wing of the party, the league is mandated to hold such a meeting to take stock of its performance.

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