Women petition Gweru City Council

19 Jun, 2018 - 00:06 0 Views

The Herald

Locadia Mavhudzi Midlands Correspondent
Women in Gweru, under the umbrella organisation of the Women’s Coalition, have petitioned the MDC-T- led Gweru City Council over various service delivery concerns.

The petition which was signed by over 5 000 women led to the city council engaging the leadership of the women’s group in a meeting recently.

Chairperson of the Women’s Coalition (Gweru Chapter), Mrs Violet Magodo, said women are the burden bearers hence when services are poor it is the women and children who suffer most.

“We have taken it upon ourselves to engage council on critical issues such as the water supply situation and refuse collection as these are putting our health at risk,” she said

Reads part of the petition: “On erratic water provision, most taps are dry during the day and water only comes around midnight every day. The quality is also deplorable as the water is rusty in colour and has foreign objects. To address this challenge, some households have dug up unprotected wells which pose serious health challenges as the water is not treated and the wells are also breeding ground for mosquitoes. There have been reported cases of young children losing their lives when they fall into those unprotected wells.

“On erratic refuse collection, it was also noted that council has been failing to collect refuse as often as it should. This has led to a sprouting of undesignated dumpsites in areas of Mkoba, Ascot, Mambo, Mutapa and Senga. These dumpsites — besides being eyesores — are also potential sources of outbreaks of diseases such as malaria, and water and airborne diseases as they as breeding ground for mosquitoes and houseflies. The undesignated dumpsites also contribute to the blockage of drainage systems within the city.”

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