Women can be defined by shoes, blouse

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Women can be defined  by shoes, blouse The white blouse is a must

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The white blouse is a must

The white blouse is a must

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Fashion talk 263
Happy fashionable weekend.

We still are in the days of celebrating women in the world (Women’s Month) and allow me to say this: it is true that women, with their persuasion, cannot only run the world, but can also decorate it with their fashion styles.

I say this after witnessing some change in women fashion daily.

Forgive me gents, it is just two weeks left before we jump into your closet too, but for now the focus is on women.

Those targeted please use this platform as a guide as the world is your runway, we are watching you.

Last week I had a focus on slacks or pants, if you decide to be formal – I mean women’s trousers.

However, for the pants to look stunning they need two things – a blouse and a pair of shoes?

A woman should have two attributes; classy and fabulous.

I am glad I am not a designer as I could have spent ages deciding about the blouse for the right pants.

My job entails me to be a fashion guide, stylist not designer and for the record I am entitled to my opinion.

Just like one of my favourite fashion gurus Christian Dior said, “Everything I know, see or hear, every part of my life is transformed into dresses. They are my daydreams, but they have passed from dreamland into the world of everyday items to wear.”

Now let’s get back to business of blouses and shoes.

It is a fact that all women should have a little white blouse in their wardrobe just a men on white shirts.

Trends come and go, but the versatility of the classic white button-down is perpetual.

Sometimes the nicest clothes are the most simple.

The white shirt or blouse is a classic item that will never go out of style. It is a must-have for every woman

It has the benefits of a blank slate and can be dressed down or dressed up.

It can be knotted or tucked into our favourite pair of jeans or styled with a pair of relaxed sneakers.

Some prefer to pair it with a voluminous skirt.

Well, in short when I say, white blouse, I mean the basic one: long sleeves, buttons and regular collar.

In cotton, silk or linen, the white blouse fits every occasion, every season and body-shape.

However, depending on how you wear it, the same blouse can give you a very different allure.

Remember the golden rule: Your neckline should never be lower than 4 cm below your collarbone.

According to style guru Tatenda Manemo of Borrowdale, here are just some of the advantages of a nice white blouse

It gives you a clean crisp look.

It combines with every other colour you have.

It is a perfect background for your fabulous accessories like jewellery and scarves.

It is perfect to wear with all the printed trousers that are so fashionable now.

There are a few drawbacks as well

It can make you look a bit washed out (adding accessories can help with this)

They get dirty really quickly

I hope every woman now knows the tradition, it is all about the white.

On to shoes, most guys don’t even attempt to understand the profound relationship between a woman and her shoes.

But if you’re looking for insights about her personality—whether she’s extroverted or introverted, fiery or laid-back—her feet are exactly where you want to be glancing.


Science has our back: A recent fashion and style study found that people are able to accurately judge 90 percent of a stranger’s personality, including their emotional stability, simply by looking at their most-worn pair of shoes.

For example, ‘agreeable’ people tended to wear ‘practical, functional’ shoes, while ‘aggressive’ personalities had an affinity for ankle boots.

According to some authors, shoes can—and do—carry individual difference information, because there’s so much variety.

“The way a woman dresses telegraphs many messages about her,” said relationship expert April Masini, author of “Date Out of Your League”.

“It’s wise to check out her shoes for clues about who she is, and how she’ll behave.”

So let your eyes make a beeline for her kicks.

Here are three things you can tell about a woman from her footwear.

1: Her confidence level

The style of her shoes can tell you whether she will be confident-verging-on-cocky, or a little more down to earth.

“Women in revealing, high-heeled sandals are more likely to be confident than women in closed-toe heels,” said Masini.

So that means wedges and low, wide heels—not flats—may indicate insecurity.

Women wearing wedges want to appear taller without the discomfort of high heels.

They may be a little more middle-of-the-road and the wider and shorter the heels on a woman’s shoes, the more insecure she might be.

2: Her personality type

Not surprisingly, women sporting brightly coloured shoes tend to be more playful, bigger risk takers, and more talkative, according to Lieberman.

But if she is wearing hot pink sandals or neon yellow pumps, you may be looking at a woman who’s just a little high maintenance.

This means she will be more challenging, and may even expect to be put on a pedestal.

Ballerina flats mean she is a woman who puts comfort above style – literally a down to earth woman.

According to Lieberman, women wearing flip-flops—if they are not at the picnic or just doing grocery shopping or even window shopping, it means she is too laid-back.

Also, women in sneakers may not be as low maintenance and laid-back as you would expect.

A woman in sneakers is on the go, it means that she may be getting ready to jog or do yoga, or just wearing them for the walk to work, but she is ready for action.

3: Her personal branding

Do her shoes look like they cost $80 or $800?

If she’s wearing designer pumps—and you can usually tell this by seeing if they stand out from the rest of the outfit, says celebrity stylist Christa Scherck—you’re looking at a woman who invests in herself and values personal style and comfort.

If she is wearing an expensive pair of work shoes—closed-toe, conservative pumps—she probably values her work a lot.

But if she has got on a pair of expensive riding boots, she is the kind of person who likes to splurge on luxuries.

So, just know that these shoes are not only meant for walking but define the person.

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