Women are superior to men, says anthropologist

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The Herald

The Rhodesia Herald, 

May 13, 1965 

PRETORIA. – The female of the species is not only deadly – she is by nature superior to the male. This is what a Johannesburg anthropologist, Dr M.D.W. Jeffreys, told members of the South African Association of University Women in Pretoria this week. 

Dr Jeffreys, a male, suggested that women are mentally and physically superior to men, and said it had been shown that women are more able to survive in any hostile environment. 

Dr Jeffreys said a survey in America indicated equality before the law, and natural superiority, produced domineering wives and mothers. 

A conclusion of the survey was that this was the main cause of the high rate of male homosexuality. 

He gave the following examples of woman’s superior feats of endurance: 

A couple was stranded in a snowdrift. The man died in four days, and the woman was rescued after nine. 

A couple took 300 barbituric tables. The man was dead by the morning, and the woman lived. 

A school girl swam from Robben Island to Cape Town. The schoolboy has yet to be found, who could match his feat. 

Statistics show women live longer than men. 

The suicide rate of men is three times that of women. 

Dr Jeffreys ended: “Man’s natural stupidity has prevented him from taking advantage of his position. Why did he have to go to the front line in war while the stronger sex remained at home?” 


 Women are naturally considered to be weaker than men, but some of the experiences that they go through such as child-bearing, make them very strong human beings. 

 Statistics show that across the industrialised world, women live 5 to 10 years longer than men. Among people over 100 years old, 85 percent of them are women.  

 Going by the statistics, it is important that women should be allowed to take on more challenging roles, and tasks especially those that are considered to be for men so that they can prove themselves. In any case, women across the world are already doing work that is considered for men. In The Ukraine-Russia conflict, women are fighting alongside their male counterparts.

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