Woes mount for bailed armed robbery suspect Their trial was supposed to open before regional magistrate Mrs Feresi Chakanyuka, but was postponed to April 3 after their lawyer failed to turn up for the trial.

Crime Reporter 

Woes continue mounting for armed robbery suspect, Edson Mashamhanda, who was rearrested on Wednesday for allegedly robbing a Harare man of over US$8 000, while the former was still on bail for another alleged heist, after investigations this week revealed that he is linked to the theft of $300 000 worth of fuel coupons and US$8 950 from a local company.

Mashamhanda was one of the 14 suspected robbers who last year stole over US$100 000, R42 000, $14 000 worth of fuel coupons, two firearms and 20 live rounds of ammunition after ransacking safes at Mashwede Holdings’ premises in Harare.

During last year’s robbery, Nevanji Madanhire (27) and brothers Edson (30) and Christopher Mashamhanda (19), allegedly connived with an 11-member gang and destroyed the closed-circuit television (CCTV) system at the premises to conceal the offence.

They were freed on $1 000 bail each with stringent conditions.

Eight suspected robbers who include Conwell Kasambarare (28) and Musafare Mupamhanga have since been arrested in connection with the case while their three other accomplices are still at large.

However, Edson who was a bookkeeper at Mashwede Holdings, is reported to have taken advantage of the robbery at the firm to cover up the theft of $300 000 worth of fuel coupons and US$8 950, but the matter came to light when a customer raised a complaint over coupons.

Edson is alleged to have told management that in addition fuel coupons for 23 000 litres, which he had already diverted to his own use, had also been stolen in the robbery, resulting in the company blocking the numbered coupons.

But one customer, who had bought the blocked coupons and failed to get fuel, approached the company seeking clarity.

This prompted an investigation which found that Mashwede Holdings had been duped of $300 000 worth of fuel coupons and US$8 950.

Edson Mashamhanda was then arrested. His duties involved receiving, recording and dispatching fuel coupons after printing.

According to investigations, his other accomplice, Madanhire was entrusted by management to collect 40 000 litres worth of fuel coupons from Laptime Printers in March last year and handed them over to Mashamhanda for safekeeping.

The serial numbers ran from 42851 to 44000.

Mashamhanda allegedly diverted 23 000 litres worth of the fuel coupons to his benefit keeping 17 000 litres for the company.

Madanhire later found a buyer who wanted 6 000 litres of fuel and asked for the coupons from Mashamhanda, who gave him part of the batch.

After selling the coupons to David Clinton for US$7 500, Madanhire handed over US$6 900 to Edson for safekeeping after deducting his commission of US$600.

It is alleged Mashamhanda converted the money to his use.

Mashwede Holdings balanced its books and discovered that 23 000 litres of fuel coupons reported to have been stolen were never entered into the books by Mashamhanda.

Further to that, Mashamhanda was given US$2 050 after the sale of fuel coupons on the previous batches by one of his workmates, Muvengwa Changamire, which he never remitted to the company.

This prompted a to police leading to his arrest.

Mashwede Holdings suffered a total prejudice of $300 000 in missing fuel coupons and US$8 950, which Mashamhanda received and failed to account for.

Edson Mashamhanda and an accomplice who is still at large, allegedly robbed a 40-year-old man from Waterfalls of US$8 220 cash at knife point and other valuables after offering him a lift to Hwedza.

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