‘Winning empowered me’

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‘Winning empowered me’ Einstein Thulani Mubemi0

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The DSTV Eutelsat awards, a numerous number of schools and students are well aware of this writing competition but lack the cosmic acquaintance of it.

Well, everyone always procures this type of information from monotonous and stern sources which quickly make people with exceptional talent to withdraw. How about hearing about it from a distinct someone for once, a student?

This competition is a way of acquiring significant illumination of satellite knowledge and at the same time displaying your writing talent, enhancing it and procuring rewards if your essay is the finest.

Other prizes may include fees vouchers which make payments flexible and DSTV decoders which are currently the paramount cradles of entertainment in Africa. For these reasons, it is vividly evident that participation in this competition is substantially beneficial. Well, I am aware of the fact that in schools, one retreats from the idea of the competition for the risk of failure.

This is a very much alive point, but you have to know that on the verge of the road of endeavour, there are two paths. If you fail, try again, even if you don’t succeed, try and try because; nothing beats the pleasure of getting something of your own sweat!

I offer my gratitude and encouragement. Einstein Thulani Mubemi is a current winner in the most previous instalment of the competition. He is a student at St Columbas in Bulawayo.


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