Winky D the ‘mathematician’ Winky D

Blessings Chidakwa Arts Reporter

Talent is just like static electricity, you might not see it, but you definitely feel its effect.

Talk of lyrical content, Zimdancehall singer Winky D is just unpredictable, but undoubtedly magical when he produces a track.

“XYZ” is his latest offering.

Born Wallace Chirumiko, his parents could have probably possessed some sought of spirit of prophecy when they named him.

They prophesied his magic through the name “Wallace,” which simply means a foreigner.

Like him or hate him, through dedication and consistency, Winky D’s works are now out of this realm.

The latest track “XYZ” indeed makes him a “foreigner” to the language of this world through his word play.

His choice of words is often hard to understand, but simply majestic. Of course sweet to the ear and entertaining.

Music is an art which Winky D deliberately presents in many forms including science, fiction, love and even death.

On the track “Area 51”, he probably manifested as a “scientist’ through his choice of words in which he centres on the forces of gravity mentioning names of some of the greatest scientists to ever exist.

The lyrics of the song go:

Ndobva ndakuratidza zitateguru Einstein Retheory yerelativity 

Isaac Newton akatiudza zvegravity 

Panzvimbo anenge ari tii

Saka kuti tiende urikudei

Taura ndokupei

Usazoti zuva rinobuda, unotisekesa naGalileo Galilei.

On the track “Panorwadza Moyo” a collaboration he did with the country’s finest artiste the late national hero Dr Oliver Mtukudzi, Winky D expresses artistic skills through the shadows of death.

But last Saturday night at Rainbow Towers at a show dubbed “Redefined Concert” the 39-year-old redefined himself and chose to manifest as a “mathematician” when he dropped “XYZ” track.

Alphabetically, the letters are also in sequential order. Forget the fact that mathematics appears to be one of the subjects giving many pupils some challenges at Ordinary level in Zimbabwe.

At least those who were privileged enough to attend the mathematics lessons know of the XYZ formula. Winky D once again showed his lyrical prowess by literally taking his fans back to the classroom. One will not need a calculator to listen to the track, thanks to Winky D who used his word play prowess, turning a mathematics formula into a song which discourages revenge among divorcees. To some fans, he may have only taken them to the alphabet — ABCDE . . . XYZ.

In his own words during the unveiling of the track on stage, Winky D clearly stipulated the meaning behind it.

“There is no need to be fighting our ex . . . ,” he said. The song starts with the lines, “Ndangoti XYZ rudo vaviri uri one hapana zhet . . . chenjera kuzvivhiringira life yako nekuda kubhowa maex.”

Hence the first letter “X” comes into the equation derived from the word “ex.”

How the letter “Y” comes into play is pure mastery.

In one of the lines, Winky D goes on to say “ . . . ita move on bvunza why, kuramba uri zii ndicho chiguy . . . .

“Why” is the word resembling the middle letter Y on the name of the track XYZ

Winky D’s world of words is limitless.

It can be found anywhere, far from where he lives or a few feet away. It is always on his doorstep.

And on “Z,” he is asking in vernacular language why the ex has gone so quiet, why “Zii.”

In one of the lines he sings “ . . . better ubvunze ex why uri zii, why why, kana kumbonditiwo hesi chii . . . .”

‘Zii’ loosely translates to being quiet, thus letter ‘Z’ which completes the formula, Ex, Why, Zii (XYZ).

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