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Winky D, Sniper Storm rift widens

24 Sep, 2013 - 00:09 0 Views
Winky D, Sniper Storm rift widens

The Herald


Winky D

Problem Masau Arts Correspondent
It seems the rift between Winky D and Sniper Storm is widening with each gig if the weekend’s show is anything to go by. Despite sharing the stage at the ongoing Lion Lager Activation Campus Night in Bindura over the weekend, the two did not shake hands. The tiff that started in 2010 when Sniper Storm grabbed the microphone from Winky D at Mavado’s show is has now reached melting point with Sniper saying that he does not lose sleep over Winky D.

In Bindura, Winky D decided to sit in his car while Sniper Storm was performing and only appeared on stage when he made sure that the “Love YeMusoja” hitmaker had gone.

This was also the case when the musicians shared the stage in Mutare a few weeks ago.  This is different with other artistes who occasionally appear on stage while the other is performing in what is commonly known as “kusimbisa” in entertainment circles.
Sniper Storm admitted he was not on talking terms with Winky D since the rift started.

“We can share the stage but the truth is we are not the best of buddies. I don’t even remember the last time I talked to him. He is full of himself,” said Sniper Storm.

Sniper Storm put up a good show belting hit after hit. He went down memory lane performing his yesteryear hits that gave him fame. His 2003 song “Hubhinya” was well received. Perhaps after noticing that Winky D’s Vigilance Band members were in the hall, he performed his song “Ndakabata Mic” which he allegedly penned for Winky D some years ago before he sang “Mwari Ndibatsirei”.

He sealed off his act with the crowd’s favourites “Wainira Musoja”, “Love YeMusoja” and “Kuvarira Mukati”. Whenever Winky D and Sniper share the stage fans are assured of non-stop entertainment. And the Bindura show was no exception.

Shinsoman, who warmed up the stage started off on a low note. The dancehall sensation, who is known for his husky voice and energetic performance, lost it when he squandered time talking instead of singing. However, when he performed his hit song “Mawaya Waya” fans went wild.

Not to be outdone was Winky D, who dished out his social commentary. It remains to be seen if these two musicians will ever resolve their differences.

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