Winky D outshines I-Octane

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Winky D outshines I-Octane Winky D

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Winky D

Winky D

Bornwise Mtonzi Arts Reporter
The pace had been set and it was time for the Jamaican artist Byiome Muir, better known as ‘I-Octane’ in the dancehall music industry, to surpass the standard but the shoes were too big for him. After Winky D staged a spectacular performance at the City Sports Centre on Saturday night and left the whole auditorium screaming for more, I-Octane did his best but could not beat the energetic Ninja President.

Winky D proved that he is what he says he is.
“People always asks me what a Gafa is, and I tell them a Gafa is someone who is always controlling the situation, someone who is always in control,” he said while performing on the stage.

With songs such as “Woshora”, “Gafa life”, “Kwaita Party”, “Disappear”, “Mudhara Wauya”, “Hushamwari Hwenyu”, “Ninja Saturday” and “Buddie Zone”, the Ninja President proved that he is a cut above the rest. “Zimbabwe we came here to party, so let’s party,” Winky D shouted as his fans responded with zeal.

The fans screamed, danced and sang along to all his songs showing how much they follow his music. Clad in orange attire the Ninja President made sure that he wouldn’t leave his fans short changed. He was called back to the stage and did one of his most loved songs “Disappear” for five times leaving the whole venue in frenzy as they sang along.

With the pace that Winky D had set I-Octane had to make sure that he goes a gear up but the task was too heavy for him. Fans tried to sing along but it seemed like they did not know most of his songs.

To put more action in his act the Jamaican artist had to praise local artists like Winky D, Soul Jah Love and Kinnah for their performances. Fans would cheer and sing along to some of his songs but the standard set by Winky D was too high for him.

“Fans really sing along to the songs that they know, it seems most of the people in the ground don’t really follow this guy’s music. Look how hard it is for him to excite the crowd,” said one fan. “Pane song kana one here yawanzwa apa, the stage is heavy for him,” another fan concurred.

His songs like “Love You” and “Gal a Gimm Bun” seemed common with some fans and most of his tracks were received with mixed feelings. He did his best when he introduced Soul Jah Love and Kinnah on the stage and fans enjoyed the gesture.

The Jamaican artiste went to the extent of doing the Killer T “Popopopo” style to try and excite fans. Godfather Templeman was called to the stage to try and help I-Octane to deliver but fans could not get the best. Templeman ran from corner to corner and climbed on speakers but the effort was not good enough.

“Zimbabwe you do you want I-Octane to leave, or are you tired, Zimbabwe show some energy,” Templeman screamed as he tried to put fans in a better mood. His acts were however lightened by the coming in of some fans whom he called on the stage to showcase their dances and it really worked as the whole ground screamed with excitement from the displays.

Local artist like Soul Jah Love, Mostaf, Hwindi President, Freeman and Daruler , Sniper Storm cannot go unmentioned as they also put outstanding performances. “I think we should just stick to our local artists because these international artists are short-changing us, just look at his performances they are not that impressing,” said a fan identified as Simba.

His gig comes a few weeks after another Jamaican dancehall artiste Busy Signal came to Zimbabwe and did well on stage. Security was tight at the venue and the show went well last Saturday but I-Octane will have to do his homework if he intends to come back to Zimbabwe with a bang.

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