Winds ravage Nyamakate


Conrad Mupesa Mash West Correspondent
Villagers in the Nyamakate area of Hurungwe were recently left homeless after heavy winds destroyed both their property and crops.

Heavy rains accompanied by strong winds destroyed 230 hectares of maize and 70 hectares of tobacco, while many houses were damaged in Ward 7 of Hurungwe. Councillor Jealousy Matesanwa said a lot of families were left stranded.

“A lot of people in village 20b, 20a, 21, 22a, 22b and 30 lost their crops in the hailstorm. I am still compiling a list as to what extent has the damage affected the villagers, but maize and tobacco crops have been greatly affected,” he said.

“There are reports from some villages I have mentioned of chickens having died in the storm. A lot of people lost foodstuffs and inputs, especially fertilisers, as the hailstorm blew off roof tops, with the rains affecting the foodstuffs and the inputs.”

Recently, a hailstorm also destroyed tobacco and houses in Zvimba District, whilst some farmers lost their crops to the heavy rains in Mhangura constituency last week.

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