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Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) listed brick manufacturer, Willdale Limited, last week received the Integrated Management System (IMS) certification from the Standards Association of Zimbabwe (SAZ).

The IMS entails certification in terms of ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management Systems (QMS), Environmental Management Systems (EMS), and Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) systems.

IMS syncronises an organisation’s systems into one complete framework so it can work as a single unit with unified objectives

According to SAZ, EMS certification represents Willdale’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint, including the use of resources, energy waste management, and optimization of supply chain processes while the OHS certificate demonstrates the company’s prioritisation of safety and prevention of accidents in the workplace.

Attaining ISO certification requires a thorough review and assessment of the organisation’s processes by a certification body accredited by ISO.

Getting ISO certification requires that a company go through rigorous audits, assessments, and continual improvement.

Willdale chief executive officer Mr Nyasha Matonda said his company had been meticulously working with SAZ auditors, evaluating the firm in all areas relating to quality, environmental and occupational health and safety standards.

“It is important to note that Willdale has grown from strength to strength as a brand and this certification is there to certify that our products are of high quality and that our product is going to perform in the market like we intend to do.

 “We are pleased to have obtained these certifications because it entails the dedication that we have as a company,” said Mr Matonda.

He added that the certification will enhance the company’s prospects particularly given the amount of construction currently taking place in the country.

“There is a lot of construction going on in the country, look at the housing development, even in rural areas there is a lot of development going on.

“The space is wide open and as the biggest player in the industry, we intend to satisfy the market requirements, supplying throughout the whole country.”

SAZ director of certification services Mr Ranganai Mutonono said achieving the certification demonstrates Willdale’s commitment to excellence in the delivery of world-class services to its clientele.

“This achievement should not be overlooked. You have shown your commitment to societal and ethical responsibilities, and it also ensures the trust and respect of your stakeholders and clients. I urge the Willdale Bricks team to be proud of what you have achieved.

“Your dedication to quality ensures that your products meet the highest standards of performance, safety and durability. You went further to show your commitment to the environment, ensuring that your business practices are sustainable and do not negatively impact the environment thereby reducing your carbon footprint. 

“And your focus on occupational health and safety ensures that employees are working in a safe environment free from hazards, accidents and risks,” said Mr Mutonono.

He said Willdale should not rest and drop guard, but make sure the certification is maintained for continuous improvement.

ISO certification is issued by an independent, recognised local or international standardisation organisation that develops and sets standards for various industries and sectors.

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