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Wife clobbers hubby for demanding DNA test


Ivan Zhakata Court Reporter
A Harare woman gave her husband a thorough beating for doubting their minor child’s paternity, a Harare Civil Court has heard.

Clifford Dhewa was allegedly assaulted by his second wife, Anesu Manyawu, after asking her for DNA tests. Dhewa, who was seeking a protection order against Manyawu, told magistrate Mrs Marehwanazvo Gofa that besides the assaults, Manyawu also locked him in the house demanding sexual inter- course.

“I am seeking a protection order against this woman. She is my second wife and she assaulted me and threatened to kill me after I asked her that she should go for a paternity test because I doubt that the child she has is mine,” said Dhewa.

“She also locks me inside her house and demands that I have sexual intercourse with her or she will assault me again. She comes to my house and threatens my family so I want her to stop,” Dhewa said.

She told the court that Dhewa had chased her out of the house. “I have never assaulted, insulted, threatened him or refused to conduct the DNA tests as he is alleging,” Manyawu said.

Mrs Gofa ordered Manyawu to stop abusing Dhewa and keep peace towards him at all times.

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