Wife causes havoc at hubby’s workplace

Wife causes havoc at hubby’s workplace

Ivan Zhakata Court Reporter
A Harare man has pleaded with the court to stop his wife from visiting his workplace, harassing his bosses and demanding money during his absence.

Dennis Washaya yesterday told Harare Civil Court magistrate Mrs Barbra Mateko that his wife, Patience Macheka, demands money from his bosses, in the process complicating his working relations. Washaya said Macheka caused havoc at the workplace and at times assaulted him in front of his workmates.

“She is coming to my workplace during my absence terrorising my superiors demanding money from them,” he said.

“She is saying I am not giving her enough money to look after our child. At one point I had to be called by the human resources department saying my wife was causing pandemonium at work.

“If I am around, she assaults me in front of my bosses and I am begging this honourable court to stop her from abusing me and coming to my workplace. She cries and screams to the extent that some of my workmates end up giving her money,” Washaya said.

Macheka told the court the only reason she went to Washaya’s workplace was that he was failing to take care of his child. She sai she wanted money to fend for their minor child.

“The money he is giving me is not enough, so I will be going to his workplace to ask for money,” Macheka said.

“He has chased me out of our matrimonial house so I need money for rentals and to look after the child,” she said.

Mrs Mateko ordered Macheka to stop causing havoc at Washaya’s workplace and to keep peace with him at all times.

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