Widow dedicates book to suffering women

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Widow dedicates book  to suffering women

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A widow who experienced misery after losing her husband has defied living in the past by penning a book chronicling her challenges and encouraging fellow women on how to overcome them.

Born on March 1, 1970 in Chegutu, Angela Nyatala was raised in a poor family and became a street vendor.

She said in an interview yesterday that the death of her husband in 2012 signalled the worst turnaround of events in her life.

Nyatala said her first book titled ‘The Struggles of Woman’ to be published in March was a soothing and true story of her personal experience.

“What I have gone through in my life from childhood and what I went through after losing my husband inspired me,” she said.

“It has got some emotional parts, but a great encouragement to women in our communities. My son Pumulo also pushed me to write the book because he kept saying that I have a story to encourage women around the world, therefore, he made sure that I started writing the book.”

Nyatala said she had gone through struggles, pain, sorrows, griefs and battles of all kinds that were common to women.

She said she emerged victoriously in all the troubles and was now going across the world to share comforting thoughts with women going through various hardships.

“The pain of losing my husband Pastor Ron Chideme who died in 2012 triggered a series of sufferings and challenges that I conquered by the mighty hand of God through faith in Jesus Christ,” said Nyatala.

“The insights that are shared at every stage of my experience contain divine wisdom of how to come out of troubles of life and depressing moments.”

Nyatala said the new book will be launched at Spitzkop Leisure Centre and plans were afoot to pen more books due to continued inspiration from her child.

“I have a few books in my head right now and I hope to publish one before the end of the year or early next year, by God’s grace,” she said.

“My son contributed largely to my authorship and some ladies like Prophetess Kelicha who has written 24 books. I kept saying to myself this is an African woman like me so I can do it also.”

Nyatala said besides being an author, she was a trained lecturer, interior designer, counsellor, grooming etiquette advisor, business woman and season teacher of God’s word.

She fellowships at Flaming Word Center under Bishop Zondiwa Mafuleni in Dzivaresekwa and takes care of orphaned and disadvantaged children at her home.

Nyatala said her hobbies were sewing, knitting, baking, cooking and reading.

She is the first born in a family of six and grew up in Glen Norah Township in Harare and did primary education at Ruvheneko Primary School from 1977 to 1983.

Nyatala pursued secondary education at Monte Cassino Mission in Macheke and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership and Organisation with Logos University, which is headquartered in the United States.

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