Who is going to BBA?

Who is going to BBA?

Cynthia Mare

Entertainment Reporters—
As the Big Brother Africa season approaches, many Zimbabweans should be anxiously waiting to know people that would be selected to represent the country in the reality show.This year’s BBA season begins in September.

Multichoice has issued a statement calling for interested people to come for auditions on July 12 and 13.

However, a source close to the developments say names of musicians Winky D, Cynthia Mare and Lungisani “Sanii” Makhalima have been suggested as possible representatives at this year’s show.

According to the source, the names of the three dominated at a meeting held in Harare on Tuesday night as attendees gave suggestions of celebrities that could represent the

“There were various suggestions but Winky D, Cynthia and Sanii were strong contenders. Most people in the meeting supported the three. These were only suggestions because the real auditions are coming soon,” said the source.

In the past, celebrities, socialites and ordinary people have tried their luck on Africa’s most watched reality show.

Facilitators of the show, Multichoice have always kept the names of representatives closely guarded until the last minute towards BBA. The musicians linked to this year’s show said they were not aware of such suggestions, while a Multichoice Zimbabwe official said they had not selected anyone so far, adding they were working towards auditions.

Mare said she would take up the offer if it came her way.

“If the people choose me then how can I refuse? If it is true then it would be an honour to represent Zimbabwe in the Big Brother house,” she said.

As for what viewers would expect from her in the house she had this to say;

“I am lady of the people. If I go, I will not be looking for relationships in the house. I would not be looking for love, but they say ‘never say never’,” she said.

While Mare indicated that she had no reservations about being on the show, the same could not be said about Sanii.

He said it was highly likely that he would turn the down the opportunity.

“I like keeping things to myself and being on such a show would put much of myself out there. While there are opportunities that come with being on Big Brother, there is too much at stake. If I’m approached would I agree? I don’t know,” he said.

Sanii said it would also be risky to leave his full-time job and spend three months in the Big Brother house when chances of winning the grand prize were not certain.

“I would need to sit down with my team and discuss it at length. I am not comfortable in getting naked on television for billions of people then come back and continue with my career.

“There are people who feel its ok to do so but I do not think it is. My body is my body and it is entirely for myself,” he said.

Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda made it clear that he could not disclose whatever he knew about the development as Multichoice had a strict policy on talking to the media. “I can’t give you a comment on that issue because Multichoice is very private on such matters. All these processes are private and they are the only ones who can communicate with you (Press). Even the last time we went there for a performance, we could not say a word about it because they would not allow it,” he said.


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