Who benefited on Black Friday as chaos reigned supreme?

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Who benefited on Black Friday as chaos reigned supreme? Even in Zimbabwe, shoppers in Harare took advantage of Black Friday yesterday to stock up up on bargain merchandise

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Dr Masimba Mavaza

The biggest day in the shopping calendar did not disappoint as retailers slashed their prices to offer Black Friday deals.

Many Zimbabweans in the United Kingdom took a day off to go and grab Christmas presents and goodies to send home.

Many people have picked some of the best discounts in categories from children’s toys to clothes and jewellery.

Big retailers like Matalan and Amazon are just a few of the big names which offered as much as 60 percent off yesterday.

The biggest day in the shopping calendar visited upon us, with online retailers offering Black Friday deals galore for Christmas shoppers to get their hands on.

There were thousands of deals which were unbelievable with some retailers waiting patiently outside shops.

From homeware and appliances like cordless vacuums and memory foam mattresses, to gifts galore for the children, there were plenty offers to pick-up.

Some countries just took advantage of the Black Friday just to advertise, but could only make cosmetic discounts.

Highlights include Grace Loves Lace Dakota Eco Dusk dress, costing £60 instead of £100, and an Emma Wooden Bed Bundle, priced at £1,130 rather than £1,696.

Black Friday rush for bargains to beat the cost of living crisis: Customers snap up energy efficient gadgets including air fryers, microwaves and heat pump tumble dryers while piling up debt on credit cards

Rising cost of energy and food means many families are tightening their belts and cutting back on spending so when they see a chance to save they jump on it.

British Electrical retailer Currys said it had already seen customers focusing more on ‘essential domestic products a departure from last times where they go for gadgets.

More is being paid on credit compared to last year, the retailer said – as shoppers ‘spread cost of purchases’.

Black Friday is now a major fixture on the shopping calendar around the world.

What was once just a one-day event from the US, has ballooned into a month-long influx of deals and discounts to take advantage of before Christmas.

Even in Africa and particularly my homeland Zimbabwe shops are warming up to Black Friday.

Black Friday was originally the annual US-only shopping date that coincided with Thanksgiving celebrations.

Fast-forward to 2022, and it is now a global affair that sees tens of thousands of brands and retailers taking part.

Shoppers can pick up deals on any and everything you can think of, with savings on tech, electricals, beauty, fashion and even household cleaning items.

Maria Mahiya of Luton United Kingdom commented: “I was at the shops at 2am. I had to brave the cold. This paid. I got things that go at two thousand pounds at a price of 500 pounds.”

Some institutions like schools have joined in the queues to grab gadgets for their schools at a cheaper price.

Eunice Matara had a different idea for Black Friday.

“I came early and got as many goods as possible. Once the Black Friday frenzy dies down I will resell these products at a high price,” she said.

Tafadzwa Marava of Marlborough, United Kingdom, was not to be outdone.

“I ran a shop in Zimbabwe so today was my chance to get things almost free and dispatch them home for resale,” he said. “Black Friday has been a blessing to me.”

Big brands like Very, AO, Boots, Superdrug and eBay all launched their sales early.

Online retail giant Amazon also teased shoppers with early deals ahead of the official date.

Generally, if you were shopping online, all Black Friday deals were available from midnight onwards on November 25.

In the US, some major retailers opened stores from midnight.

Some UK retailers also followed suit, however, British retailers have traditionally chosen to open stores at 5 or 6am to accommodate eager bargain-hunters.

But this year many shops did not close. Black Friday has become Business Friday.

This year, Black Friday fell on November 25, followed by Cyber Monday on November 28.

With the disruption of the pandemic over the last few years, many major retailers have chosen to launch sales at the beginning of the month.

This allowed bargain-hunters to space out purchases and have longer hours to shop around for the best deals.

It is also the ideal time to get the bulk of your Christmas shopping out of the way and make some handy savings.

It’s too early to know how similar this year’s event was compared be to previous years.

Whatever Black Friday means, many Zimbabweans in the Diaspora wish it was Black Friday every Friday.

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