When ‘Mebo’ hitmaker met his fans Obert Chari and Petronellah Kapeyapeya in scene from “Mebo” video

Vongai Mbara   and Nokutenda Chiyangwa
City Sports Bar’s Jam Session is a launch pad for many musicians seeking to penetrate the music industry.

For Obert Chari, a rising star who is making waves with a new hit titled “Mebo”, the City Sports Bar stage was a place of introducing himself to his fans.

The song “Mebo” has become an instant hit and Chari has been commended on many social media platforms for his originality.

He has brought a unique style that has won him appreciation from many music followers. The storyline of the song aptly mirrors the message in a creative way.

And beautiful Mebo (played by Petronellah Kapeyapeya) has attracted serious attention, making the video more popular.

Kapeyapeya was not there at Jam Session this week, but Chari introduced himself in a commendable way. He tested the waters and, by now, he should know what is expected of him on stage.

With the backing of Talking Guitars, he was on stage for a short time just enough time for introduction.

Many of his fans felt the act would have been better if he had brought in Kapeyapeya. It was an introduction with a lesson that Chari should take into account.

But the introduction was not bad at all. It was a time for Chari to experience how the shoes of a hitmaker feel.

Although he has been doing gospel music for some years, it is the hit “Mebo” that has catapulted him to popularity.

The response to “Mebo” came as a surprise to Chari and he knows he has a big task ahead. Live shows have to complement the overwhelming response.

He was happy to be at Jam Session.

“I want to thank organisers of this event for giving me a platform to introduce myself to fans. They have been playing the song Mebo, but they had not seen me on stage. The slot was a good introduction. Many others will see me in action as we go around doing more shows,” said Chari after his performance. In an earlier interview, the musician said he is inspired by societal settings and Bible connotations.

“I derive my inspiration from looking at people’s situations and then relate them to the Bible.

“I started singing when I was young and used to sing in the ZCC church choir. My peers and family then encouraged me to do an album and that is how the career began,” he said.

“When I write my music, I focus on the Biblical solutions that the Lord has offered for all the problems people are going through and I write about them.

Chari said some of his songs came from pastor Nehemiah Mutendi’s sermons.

“I am a Christian and this has helped me to pray and fast for my music. I believe taking your time to do something makes it perfect and when it is perfect it makes more impact,” he said.

He urged leaders in the industry to assist upcoming artists so that the industry grows well.

“Originality is key but a little help from those who have been around for longer is essential. I always make time to sit down and listen to advice from anyone who has any to offer, especially other artists.

“I am willing to branch out to all spheres as long as it gets the music moving. One of my dreams is actually to meet experts in the industry so that I can go even further,” he said.

Besides being a gospel musician, Chari finds solace in admiring local sungura stars as they also give him drive in his career. The song “Mebo” is a sungura jam that could inspire Chari to fuse his gospel with more secular compositions.

“My role models include Bhosvo Mutombi, Lucky Chikoore, Sulumani Chimbetu and Alick Macheso among others. These are the people I hope to one day collaborate with in a bid to make great music,” he said.

To date, Chari has released four albums which include “Ngoma Yababa” (2012), “Vaporofita Venhema” (2015), “Mariyambutsa” (2016) and his latest one being “Vanganela’”, which was released this year and carries the hit “Mebo”.

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