When love is centred on him

When love is centred on him

1202-1-1-12741947_10207658849603022_7349715568074843828_NTafadzwa Zimoyo Lifestyle Writer
Many women have already most probably received some not so subtle prodding from intrepid males who are not afraid of losing their macho badge by demanding that women honour the leap year Valentine’s Day tradition of being givers rather than receivers of love tokens. There have been social media shares of what fabulous gifts Angelina Jolie and Kim Kardashian have given the men in their lives.

It is known that ladies are good at impressing their men, but men normally want something that goes beyond a bottle of perfume. If you had bought the usual mug or cuff links, shirt and tie combo, hide them under the bed and start again. No one expects you to buy a Ferrari or even surprise him with a getaway to a private island on the Mediterranean of course, but ladies, you do need to come up with something inventive. To help you The Saturday Herald Lifestyle went around to help you find the perfect gift for him.

“My man is an avid soccer lover and buying him the soccer jersey of his favourite team can do the trick. If my finances are in place, I might go an extra mile and buy him a plasma TV set,” said Charity Maramba of Chisipite. She said she also recommends other team regalia items if he already has the latest replica jersey.

Veronica Chisi said she believed that both partners should do something for one another, adding that such a gesture showed that are players in the love game.

“Both of us should have a gift for one another and these are things which we should cherish since they serve the purpose of reminding us that we are both special to each other. If I save well, nothing should stop me from splashing him with something really huge — something which he will always use to remember that he is special to me,” she said.

With most guys conducting their business using laptops, one lady from Hatfield said she was going to purchase a good laptop for her boyfriend.

“A laptop for him will do while a smart phone is another option,” she said. The guys, most of whom are fond of their favourite drink, might be happy with a bottle of wine just to quench their thirst as they bask in the love of their beloved ones.

“While I will be happy with anything, however, a bottle of wine will do the trick and if she buys one or two bottles, then she would have found her way further into the inner recesses of my heart. I don’t anything stronger, so light wines will ignite the love mood,” said More Tomu of Chitungwiza.

He added: “Also, she can consider the things that are important to me, for instance, I am currently repainting the house and if she can think deeply, she can help by buying at least one bucket of paint and that way, it will help in a more practical way.”

Cases of ladies who pay lobola for “themselves” are few; but there are those few who are filthy rich and love their men to the extent of helping in paying lobola for them. “I love my man, and I can afford the money, why not bail him out by giving him the money for my lobola? It is one way of helping each other out, and if possible, I might give him the money for my lobola this Valentine,” claimed one lady. How sad.

One musician who declined to be named said he was expecting a musical instrument from his lady.

“She knows that music is my passion and life, and the best thing that she can do is buying me a musical instrument,” he said.

“It is something that I will hold dear and each time that I touch it, it will be a feeling of the kind of love that I give her.”

Tanaka Bizure said since his lady is always travelling abroad, he was hoping she would bring him something special like a suit or two from his favourite label.

“Well, love is always there and we shower each other with gifts often. Since she has a suit shop, it would be ideal to wear one from her choice. I have a collection of suits which I cherish and if she adds to this collection this Valentine’s Day, then she would have added my love juices,” he said. Another man said while material goods are all very well, he would rather his wife initiates some intimacy as this an area that usually gets stale in most marriages.

“It helps in strengthening the relationship, and also helps your partner to resist the traps of infidelity,” he said. I hope you all have a love filled Valentine’s Day and get enough romance to last you another year.

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