What’s for Valentine’s Day

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

Love is in the air and it is just 72 hours before some people celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Yes, we said some because not many believe in the tradition.

For now, because of the Covid-19 global pandemic, what needs to be done is to be creative because most usual places to go with your loved ones for Valentine’s Day are closed.

Best way is to stay at home.

This year is different because by this time, many musicians could have dropped singles for love songs to usher lovebirds.

Should we blame Covid-19 or this year the artists simply failed in that regard?

R’n’B music sensation Trevor Dongo will date comedienne Felistas Maruta, affectionately known as Mai Titi, this weekend in South Africa as the duo are set to share the stage.

Award winning hip-hop musician Mudiwa Mtandwa (Mudiwahood) said he will celebrate his Valentine by giving and remembering the nurses who are always at the fore-front during this global pandemic.

The musician has pledged to give Valentine’s Day gifts to some of the single female junior doctors from local hospitals as part of appreciating them.

He posted the pledge on his social media page, with some stating that it might be a bet to get the love of his life since he is now single again.

Some local hotels are also offering their Valentine’s Day specials under the Covid-19 regulations and guidelines.

Visual artiste Hermit Muyambo said he has already started working on some portraits for his clients and all should be out by tomorrow.

Mudiwa Hood

“This year is different because we are operating from home,” he said. “I have received some images that I am working on and a good thing is I am almost complete.

“With the Covid-19 regulations and restrictions, we are not doing home deliveries, but the clients can collect at the art studio.”

Some florists said this is the worst Valentine because Covid-19 has affected their line of business.

“There is nothing we can do. We have been affected greatly because we work with people, hence physical contact when we hand out flowers, so it is actually difficult,” said Davison Dingani a florist.

Dingani, who said staying at home was the safest way to curb the spread of the disease, work at Africa Unity Square flower vending stall.

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