Whatever you are expecting will come to pass

Whatever you are expecting will come to pass

Bishop B. Manjoro Dunamis
The year 2017 is a year of restoration. Whatever the enemy had stolen, the joy, the peace the prosperity we are in a season of restoration!

But pastor, six months have gone by and nothing seems to have happened. Cheer up, expectancy is a key to restoration. For anything to happen in your life, you have to have expectancy. What you expect is what you get. If you expect nothing, you get nothing.

Allow me to ask you a question with regard to your finances, relationships, business, spiritual life and any other particular area of your life before you read on – what are you expecting to see or to happen in your life?

In Psalms 62:5 David says: “My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.” What can I liken expectancy to? It is like unto a woman who is pregnant with a baby. If you ask her what is wrong with you, she will tell you “I am expecting!”

Expectancy is like pregnancy in some way. It’s not a one day thing. You carry it with you for some time before it is birthed or comes to pass. It may take time but one day, you will give birth to your expectation. Are you in need of a particular car, a house of your own, your dream job or any particular desire of your heart? Expect it. Be pregnant with it by faith and surely we will see your expectation come to pass.

Pregnancy has a timeframe. For humans it’s nine months only. Only animals like elephants take two years to give birth to what they conceive. There is a timeframe for your miracle and your expectation. Expectation is like rain clouds, it comes a time when what you expect can’t but be born or visibly seen.

Keep holding on to what you are carrying in your womb of expectation. It will come to pass. Are you struggling with a business that has not been growing but rather sinking? Begin to be expectant and to say to yourself, “I am pregnant with a very thriving and competent business!

I tell you today, it will not be long before it comes to pass. Expectancy is powerful. Expect something positive, something good and from above. It will come your way. Don’t expect failure, No! Shake it off and stand on the Word of God. 2017 is still your year, expect your restoration, O hallelujah!

Another thing to note also is that your expectation, just like pregnancy, can get overdue. If it is the case, do not worry; rejoice for this is your day. We will agree as you read this article today that everything you have long expected let it come to pass.

Whatever has been standing your way in that family, in that marriage and that case, let it be broken and get out of the way. Receive your long overdue miracle in Jesus name. In hospitals an overdue mother is induced to give birth. In the things of God, a prayer of faith will activate your miracle and expectation to come to pass.

I remember some years back, at Manica House in Harare whilst preaching at the lunch hour services A certain young man married for years but with no child came for prayer.

Soon after the prayer he went into a shop and bought a bathing dish for babies and went home with it. The wife was shocked and asked “what is it for?” The man said “for the baby!’’ “What baby?” the wife asked. Only to be told “the pastor prayed for me, so I am preparing for the baby, the baby is coming!” He even bought some nappies.

About four months later the man came back to at Manica House bubbling with joy and testified the wife was pregnant! That was great expectancy. God cannot overlook it or ignore it. It will come to pass. What are you expecting?

It is important also like David in the verse above to put your expectancy in God and God alone. Do not put your expectation in man or in charms and magic. Things to do with magic are temporary and shortlived. They will lead you in deeper trouble and tears tomor- row.

But God is able, faithful and a good God. Expect God to move on your behalf and to bless you. He will give you the desire of your heart. Be excited and full of expectation. Right now let your expectancy arise and receive that miracle you desire! For with God all things are possible (Mark 10:27).

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