What type of moustache did Charlie Chaplin wear?

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What type of moustache did Charlie Chaplin wear? Charlie Chaplin

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Charlie Chaplin is a famous silent and comedy film actor, considered the most iconic figure with an impressive bristles in cinema history.

If you’re a massive admirer of Charlie Chaplin, the distinctive moustache must have caught your attention. However, even though this bristle style is not new, many people are unaware of its name.

You’ve been wondering, “What type of moustache did Charlie Chaplin wear”, right? So let’s dive right into this post, we will discover everything about that moustache.

Since the moustache type is similar to the bristles of a toothbrush, it’s often called a toothbrush.

As the comedy king has stated, this type of distinctive mouth hair appears to be pretty amusing. As a result, he wanted to include it in his outfit and was photographed wearing it.

Of course, Charlie Chaplin is not the creator of the toothbrush bristle. However, he is the one who makes it famous all over the world.

The first time the comedy king wore it was in the 1910s when he portrayed the part of “Tramp.” 

On the other hand, Charlie Chaplin confessed in an interview in 1933 that this moustache was his most excellent choice.

The British actor felt that by wearing this style of moustache, he might make the audience laugh. 

Furthermore, this bristle is so tiny that it could not conceal Charlie Chaplin’s facial expressions when he was performing.

The toothbrush moustache is simple yet charming. 

It features just enough hair to create an exciting style without being too overstated or overwhelming, and the corners are neatly shaped so that it doesn’t detract from the contour of your face in any way.

Chaplin has shaved the corners of his bristle, leaving just around 1.6 – 2 inches above the centre of his lips. Instead of being tapered, the sides of this moustache might be vertical or almost vertical.

The History Of Toothbrush Moustache

In the US

The moustache, which first gained popularity in America at the end of the 19th century, is a tidy and consistent hairstyle.

This result from its simple care requirements and plain appearance made it popular with industrial workers who needed not worry about their looks for work!

In Germany

The toothbrush bristle became popular in Western Europe, particularly Germany, around the 19th century.

In particular, The New York Times reported in 1907 that several German men were seen wearing this trimmed-down one. Previously, the Kaiser bristle was the most popular among Germans.

Famous People Who Have Worn Charlie Chaplin Moustache

Aside from Charlie Chaplin, several other renowned individuals wore Toothbrush moustaches.

Hans Koeppen

Also, the German motor racer Hans Koeppen wore this moustache in 1908, when he competed in the race from New York (the United States of America) to Paris (France). 

His bristly brush bristle sat at the center of his lip and made him an intimidating competitor on the track.

Michael Jordan

If you’re a basketball enthusiast, you’ve seen the renowned player Michael Jordan with that moustache on.

In addition to sporting an impressive bristle himself (which he designed), this man left some space between his facial hairs and nose for added style!  https://heinels.com

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