West Properties CEO bags another award

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West Properties CEO bags another award Mr Sharpe

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Prosper Dembedza

Herald Correspondent

West Properties chief executive and Forbes award winner Mr Kenneth Raydon Sharpe recently scooped the ZNCC businessman of the year 2021 at an event held in Victoria Falls.
Speaking after receiving the award, the West Properties chairperson said his company is committed to rebuilding Zimbabwe in line with Vision 2030. 

Mr Sharpe said a lot of good things are happening in his life only because God was with him.

“It is with great humility that I have been endowed and recognised with this award and can only say that all my thanks, honour and glory go to my Heavenly Father who is God Almighty,” he said.

The businessman who celebrated his 29th wedding anniversary yesterday said his heart is firmly rooted in the success of his country of birth, Zimbabwe. 

“I will do everything possible to make sure that my efforts, energy and money are invested towards directing the continued emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe from the shackles of poverty.”

It is my wish to see employment creation and development across  the city of Harare in the hub of our capital as I ‘bring Dubai to Zimbabwe’ and ‘build Zimbabwe one brick at a time’ which benefits will be seen for many generations to come,” added Mr Sharpe.

He said his company  launched a strategy  last month  which is to put one billion bricks in the ground by 2050 which will result in several billion dollars of investment.

“As I say to my team Onwards, Upwards and Outwards we go,” he said.

He began venturing into business by investing in food distribution and manufacturing local beverages in the 1990s.

He now focuses on real estate and property development, including several projects and companies outside the country in services, property, tech and alternative power generation.

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