‘We’re not a bank, Ms Bev’

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‘We’re not a  bank, Ms Bev’ Beverly Sibanda

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Yeukai Karengezeka Entertainment Reporter
Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries spokesperson Oscar Pambuka has said they will not force retired raunchy dancer Beverly “Bev” Sibanda to remain in the church if she is no longer interested.
He said as PHD ministries, they had played their part in giving her salvation and it was up to her to stay in the path of righteousness.

Pambuka also said Bev should understand that the church is “not a bank” where she can continuously get financial assistance because they are many other people in need.

Pambuka’s statement comes following Bev’s threats that she would quit the church and go back to her old ways after she was assaulted by PHD ministries leader prophet Walter Magaya’s security guard.

“As a ministry we are not moved by her threats because she is old enough to make her own decisions,” said Pambuka.

“As a church our mission is to minister salvation to people and Bev got that. We also opened a shop for her and the other girls (former pole dancers) are running their own flea markets so that they can get income from clean businesses.

“Bev also has to understand that we are a church and not a bank, it was never a right but a privilege to assist her. We have other people with critical conditions we are also assisting.”

Bev’s manager, Hapaguti Mapimhidze said it is true that Bev wants to go back to pole dancing after the recent incident.

“It is very true that Bev wants to go back to her old business.

“From the look of things it might not take her two weeks to do that.

“This is because she is facing so much harassment, condemnation and hatred especially from the church members. The situation was worsened by the recent assault by one of the prophet’s bouncers,” he said.

On Friday last week, Bev was involved in a war of words with another girl from the ministry at Magaya’s residence in Marlborough. The girl accused Bev of getting too much favour from Magaya.

One of the security guards restrained them from fighting and in the process of leading them out of the premises he assaulted Bev and right eye got injured.

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