Wenera returns to the big screen

Wenera returns to the big screen Part of “Wenera” cast
Part of “Wenera” cast

Part of “Wenera” cast

Yeukai Karengezeka-Chisepo Arts Correspondent
Season six of high-definition popular soap opera “Wenera” premiered on ZBC TV last week. The soap is centred on saga of rival over a diamond company between Shumba and Wenera, while in the Wenera family the struggle continues between the family members. It tackles issues to do with deception, anticipation, power over other people, the love of money and living that influences relationships between rivals and family members. In an interview, Wenera executive producer Eddie Ndlovu said the new season is packed with different and better activities than the previous season.

“The new season is packed with new stuff. We have dedicated growth in each season to keep the programme afloat and entertaining. Some plots will be exhausted, some will go on and most definitely season six won’t be predictable at all,” he said.

From season one up to date Wenera has been reconstructed, redesigned and modified to suit current trends of not only television traditions but how people are living in Zimbabwe. It has brought back a fair portion of lost audience back to the culture of dedicated television watching and in the process it has garnered a loyal following from across Zimbabwe because of its themes that are portrayed by the brilliant and well assembled cast. There are several plots to look forward to in this new season.

“Madhiga from the Blue House (who is back from the long awaited church seminar) will be facing her husband’s small house Mai Zozo who has just find refuge at the blue house at the end of season 5.

Across town, Gugu’s wedding is the talk of the town and she can’t wait to walk down the aisle with her husband Boss T1 pre-empts Ndlovu. As the story unfolds Ndlovu highlighted other topical issues that feature in the new season.

“Detective Simbi is working tirelessly to find Brandon’s real father so that he exposes Gugu’s secret. On the other end, Simbi’s wife Tanya is suspecting him of having a wife before or after her. Does he have another wife? Donna is to prove herself that Mica stole Maneta’s baby at birth. What if it’s true? Will Mica go down easily or she will use all she has to make sure this goes away? These are some of the issues to be addressed” said Ndlovu.

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