Welshman Ncube’s dictatorship exposed

Welshman Ncube’s dictatorship exposed Welshman Ncube
Welshman Ncube

Welshman Ncube

Sibusiso Ndlamini Correspondent
The confusion and misunderstandings currently taking place in the opposition MDC led by Welshman Ncube depict how that party is heading towards its political grave.

Ncube has been attacked by members of his political party for his autocratic tendencies that he is presently exhibiting. Watching the proceedings in that MDC, reports have it that Ncube expelled his former secretary-general, Moses Mzila-Ndlovu, accusing him of incompetence among other issues.

The MDC leader has shown his true colours that he is a poor leader. As it stands, the definition of a poor leader can best be described by Ncube’s activities. Quoted in a local daily, Ndlovu rightly noted that his dismissal from the party by Ncube was the hallmark of a dictatorial style of administration since dictators do not want consensus but only want their views endorsed.

Following Mzila-Ndlovu’s expulsion, it is clear how Ncube’s road is mapped directly to the realm of dictatorship.

As a leader, Ncube should be transparent in all his activities. However, this is contrary to most opposition party leadership. Ncube is accused of lack of financial clarity by his party members. It is imperative for all party leaders to leave clean lives so that they get the trust and respect they deserve from their supporters. Because of his crooked leadership, Ncube is being disregarded by his party members. MDC party members openly declare that their political future is no longer in the hands of Welshman Ncube.

If Ncube is able to read between the lines, it’s high time he passes the baton to the next person before it’s too late. One wonders if Ncube can lead the entire nation if he is failing to direct a political party.

It is disgraceful that Ncube has never known peace in his political life. From the onset of its formation, the MDC party has been struggling to make ends meet. Ncube’s lack of political judgment has led his party into disarray. It is unfortunate that Ncube fails to realise his blunders which are affecting the growth of that opposition party.

The stage at which Ncube’s dictatorial control is at can destroy that MDC forever. MDC members should desist from such type of leaders who only think of enriching themselves instead of expanding the party.

Also, Ncube has been criticised for nepotism. For MDC to survive, Ncube should do away with nepotism. How can he appoint new members without any party history to big positions in that party’s national executive?

It is saddening that active party officials are seen as a threat by this MDC leader. Ncube’s failure to appreciate the significance of other party members is one of the major causes of the downfall of the MDC. As a political leader, Ncube should ensure that he engages his executive before jumping to conclusions. He could have borrowed his idea of autocratic ruling from his former boss, Morgan Tsvangirai.

No wonder why Mzila-Ndlovu said Ncube was running MDC like a tuckshop. On a serious note, a person cannot do the whole shopping in a tuckshop. The same applies with Ncube’s MDC. One cannot safely declare that MDC is a home to stay.

Some reports have it that Ncube was planning to purge more individuals who were accused of destabilising that opposition party before it holds its congress. Ncube could be dismissing party members who are competent so that he remains unchallenged at their party congress.

By virtue of being a professor, Ncube’s reasoning capacity should be sharp. Why then is the man failing to watch the space and act rightly? If his level of education is affecting him politically, it’s high time he leaves that field and look for other avenues of surviving.

Greedy and overzealous politicians cannot stand a chance in Zimbabwe’s political arena. There is no vibrant opposition party in Zimbabwe. Most opposition leaders exist not because they are committed politicians but because they are in a profession.

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