Well done ZBC in 2016

Well done ZBC in 2016 Jah Prayzah and KVG chat during an interview segment on “Coke on the Beat”
Jah Prayzah and KVG chat during an interview segment on “Coke on the Beat”

Jah Prayzah and KVG chat during an interview segment on “Coke on the Beat”

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Silver Screen—

 Happy New Year!!!

It’s already three days into 2017 and to some the year looks promising as they had a good start in television.

We do hope you have had an exciting television viewing experience so far during this festive season and this excitement is without doubt going to go a notch up this New Year.

You all agree that the festive season has been a time when television viewing was just as palatable as the dishes that we spoilt ourselves with this time of the year.

Kudos to all stations.

TV programmes, the food, streams of drinks that were flowing, and oh yes!, the glitz and glamour of the outings of your choice.

If you are one who spent their Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year holidays at home while the rest of the family was travelling to some other fun-packed destinations of their choice, then definitely you didn’t have anything to get bored about.

I was one of those people who were not home alone since ZTV was there with its full list of programmes that offered a plethora of stuff.

That is exactly what kept me indoors for the better part of the night.

When it comes to music, I had no choice but to stay glued to the Coca Cola top 50 videos and good thing is the locals dominated more.

To start with, ZTV has turned to be a favourite of many since they re-introduced the idea of screening local drama series, albeit new ones which are of better quality, have new faces and voices thus meaning new blood and talent in the acting arena.

These are the guys who were inspired by the likes of Safirio “Mukadota” Madzikatire, Phillip Gadzikwa Mushangwe popularly known as “Parafini” and Simon “Mutirowafanza” Shumba (all late) – who used to illuminate our screens way back making television viewing a marvel.

These good old days, infused with a modern flair, are rolling back and ZTV deserves a big thumbs up on this great move.

If you are one of those viewers who can tell a program by its name then you definitely are one of those who have found the ride enjoyable.

A scene from drama series “Muzita Rababa” which features Thomas Chizhanje, Ammara Brown, Mudiwa Mutandwa and Kudzai Musungo

A scene from drama series “Muzita Rababa” which features Thomas Chizhanje, Ammara Brown, Mudiwa Mutandwa and Kudzai Musungo

Drama series like “Muchaneta” and “Muzita Rababa” among others are eye-poppers just as they are rib-cracking at the same time being educative.

Not to be left is the popular soap “Wenera” which has stood the test of time.

I bet the National Art Merit Awards (NAMA) in the television and film category has a lot of consideration and difficult time in choosing the winner, mind you this is, if they had submitted their nomination.

Back to music, there is nothing that beats the time-honoured place and dominance of the soft drink Coke and the programme “Coke on the Beat” which has been revamped was one of the best productions for 2016.

Given a chance, I would reward the directors for bringing back our generation edition of “Ezomgido – Mutinhimira Wemimhanzi”.

Definitely the show was a show-stopper and give local videos a time to shine.

It would be unjust not to talk of “Zim Legends” which rekindled fans’ romance with yesteryear and current legends.

With an influx of music genres and fashion style, it was easy forgetting the pioneers and legends of the art sector but this show proved fruitful as we all later discovered where we came from.

“Zim Legends” deserves a special place in the hearts of many viewers.

This time around the programme is going deeper in unearthing the other side of Zimbabwean music legends and this is what we have been waiting for ages for ZTV to do.

Now that they have taken the initiative, it is good to see that it is working wonders and more and more legends out there are now waiting for a chance to be interviewed live on the programme and have their side of life and careers be heard.

It is true that Zimbabwe is blessed with a lot of talent and we can’t wait for more excellent productions this year.

One good thing we are guaranteed is film-makers, producers and directors are willing to learn because they are moving with times which is a plus for us.

2016 saw locals dominating on Zambezi Magic thanks to DSTV.

Zambezi Magic has never soft pedalled or back pedalled since they started screening their programmes.

Although at the start it was more of Zambia and Ghana, Zimbabwe managed to scale greater heights with their music videos, films, movies and documentaries.

The channel added a new flavour and viewing dimension to quality TV programming.

In 2016, DSTV continued spicing up its bouquets with new channels and programming which gives room for competition.

Kudos to both of you – ZTV and DSTV for a job well done in 2016!

May the good work spill over into this New Year?

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