We’ll defend Zimbabwe, whatever it takes: ZNA


Talent Chimutambgi Herald Reporter
Zimbabwe is ready to defend its national independence, territorial integrity and national sovereignty despite the economic challenges it is facing, the Zimbabwe National Army has said. Speaking at the hand-over-take-over ceremony held at 22 Infantry Battalion in Mudzi, Commander 2 Infantry Brigade Brigadier-General Fidelis Mhonda – who was the chief witness of the ceremony – said ZNA was ready to face any challenge with the available resources in defending the gains of the liberation struggle.

Brig-Gen Mhonda said what was required during this peace time period was to urge members to be well-disciplined as Zimbabwe was known for its disciplined forces.

“Despite the economic challenges the country is facing, the ZNA is ready to face any challenge using the available resources. What is only required is to maintain them and urging our men and women to be disciplined because discipline is an indispensable thing for any successful campaign,” said Brig-Gen Mhonda.

“We have a say in the arm, ‘We train as we shall fight’. What we have is what we shall use during the war. We must not think of any other equipment that the country cannot acquire. What we have, I think we have used it in different campaigns, and l think for what we have now we are ready to face any challenge,” said Brig-Gen Mhonda.

Lieutenant-Colonel Terryson Marufu assumed command of 22 Infantry Battalion following rge reassinment of its former commander, Lt-Col Lizwe Nyathi.

“To have a chance to command a unit like a battalion is an honour. There is competition that if you get a chance to be selected by the commanders to lead a battalion, it’s like you have been given an honour to make sure that you work hard so that you will not disappoint,” said Brig-Gen Mhonda.

He said Lt-Col Marufu was appointed because the Commander of ZNA, Lieutenant-General Philip Valerio Sibanda, recognised his qualification for the appointment.

Lt-Col Marufu took an oath in line with the Defence Act Chapter 11:02. Brig-Gen Mhonda said Lt-Col Marufu should instil discipline in the members of the 22 Infantry Battalion during peace time as the ZNA was known for successful international campaigns due to its good discipline.

In his acceptance speech, Lt- Col Marufu who was among the pioneer members of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces said:

“I realise that I am taking over command of one of the finest units in the ZNA. This calls for a good discipline, tolerance, good leadership skills and good man management to make sure that the battalion excels in its endeavours,” said Lt- Col Marufu.

He becomes the 21st commander of 22 Infantry Battalion since its formation in September 1980.


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