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Wearing make-up with face masks

30 May, 2020 - 00:05 0 Views
Wearing make-up with face masks Beauty and style trends are forming around face masks as they become popular during this Covid-19 era (file picture)

The Herald

Fashion 263
How is the weather during this Covid-19 lockdown?

I understand most people are back at work, but some are still working from home.

Whether at home or at work, it is always great to look good. Dressing for occasions is always important.

In the past, people valued wearing the best when going for job interviews, but the lockdown has shifted most interactions to online platforms.

With the current lockdown situation, most job interviews are now conducted via video calls.

While many are quick to focus on the needed mobile data for the interactions, everyone should also be aware of the type of clothes that make good impressions even on the video appearances.

It is good to do a thorough research on the job applied for, including how the interview is going to be held.

This then helps you on selecting the right attire for the video interview.

It is a good idea to avoid clothing that is too brightly-coloured or distracting as the interviewer might only remember what you wore, not what you said.

For the same reason, you might want to stay clear of bold patterns and avoid exposing too much skin.

Well, enough about video interviews.

So, because of the coronavirus pandemic everyone has to wear face mask to curb the spread of the disease.

We have noticed different shades and design styles of masks, but there is a debate about women who are wearing them while at the same time wanting to wear make-up.

Some beauty and style trends are forming around face masks as they become more popular to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

My work colleague Roselyne Sachiti says it is difficult to wear make-up and a face mask at the same time.

“Generally, women love make-up and how then should we deal with the issue of masks,” she says.

“I suggest we join the make-up free challenge. Wearing a face mask is, ironically, an opportune time to change your make-up style, especially eye make-up. The face mask will hide who you are, anyway.”

Sachiti says for now it difficult and expensive to look for brands of make-up that are stainless during the lockdown.

“Many people are stuck with the same make-up style, self-conscious about how they would look to others,” she says.

“I think when it comes to make-up, you should dare to change the style. Once you make a change, then that style will be yours. ”

Most women are feeling the pressure every morning to wear make-up, but the masks are making it difficult for them. Some beauty therapists have suggested that women should stop wearing make-up during this time, while also suggesting that those who can afford such brands which do not put stains on the masks can go ahead.

“I used to wear lipstick every day as my daily routine,” says Pearl Ropa, an Instagram blogger. “Now I don’t have to wear it because the face mask covers most of my face, anyway.”

The sales at cosmetic brands have declined, according to a research conducted by Fashion 263.

“Because of lockdown, we no longer have clients coming for make-up lessons and even buying the product,” says Poda owner Chipo Mnikwa.

“Some have even stopped visiting the cosmetics stores.”

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