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I had a laugh last Thursday when I visited award winner and fashion celebrity stylist and designer Thembani Mubochwa at his warehouse, where we spoke how men are embracing fashion compared to previous years.

He said last week was a busy last minute rush, doing some suits for some people, (I won’t share names) who are attending the Nama Awards. The show was supposed to take place tonight, but is has been posponed to April 13.

Suits, suits, suits.

Surprisingly most of his clients ordered him to do suits and he notes that people should sometimes do away with the suits but be creative. I wear a suit everyday because I love suits although some of my colleagues don’t fancy that. A suit is more than just a uniform for work as some may call it. You will command more respect when wearing a suit as people pay more attention to you.

With suit, people will also expect you to be more polite and possibly have more money in your pocket and leave bigger tips in the restaurant or to a cab driver. I know this is fairly stereotypical, but it is a fact. However, the discussion became interesting when we started debating.

It is a fact that every modern man should have a suit hanging in his wardrobe. Whether it’s brought out to be worn for those special occasions, or for your day at work, a suit will always be your essential go-to but there are some rules you always need to follow. While most can be passed off as preference or style there are some which are mandatory, especially when it comes to suits ;

Suit Fit

The first pointer (or obvious one) to take in mind of is your fit. With the options of slim and skinny fit undoubtedly the most popular amongst the modern man today, you need to make sure you know your stuff.

Whether is a defined look you wanting to achieve or to compliment your broad shoulders, understanding the differences will help you greatly.

Slim Fit

The most popular for most body shapes is the “Slim Fit” With a cut that is slim through and from the shoulder and also the waist, opting for a slim fit is curated to comfort.

The Details

The next important step is the fit of the minor details.

You don’t want to look uncomfortable, nor, do you want to look like you’re drowning in fabric.

Understanding and measuring are vital when purchasing your next suit. From your arm and leg length to chest — make sure you know your numbers.

Once you have your measurements down always give your desired suit a try.

Whether you have broad shoulders or not, it is important that you try the jacket on first, to see how much of your frame fills out the jacket. If your physique is a little imbalanced then you may never find the perfect fitting jacket and you might require a tailored alteration.

Trouser length

The length must sit perfectly on your ankle and crucially before it rests on your shoe. When you sit down your trousers will rise up a little bit, so to save yourself from embarrassment make sure that you have socks that rise a fair way past your Achilles.

If you wear gym socks or those short length socks with a suit, then you’ll get what you deserve if your hairy legs are on the show.

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