We don’t need theoretical graduates, says Hungwe

We don’t need theoretical graduates, says Hungwe Cde Hungwe
Pyschomotor Activities in Education and Vocational Training Minister Josaya Hungwe

Pyschomotor Activities in Education and Vocational Training Minister Josaya Hungwe

Masvingo Bureau
Pyschomotor Activities in Education and Vocational Training Minister Josaya Hungwe yesterday challenged schools and other learning institutions to seriously shift towards the development of practical skills.

He said such a shift would produce graduates capable of helping the nation to achieve its Zim-Asset goals.

Minister Hungwe was speaking at Maringire Primary School in Chivi during the commissioning of an administration block that was refurbished by the district’s council chairman Councillor Killer Zivhu.

He said excellence in theoretical education only would not take the country forward and Government wanted to promote the teaching of practical skills in schools.

“At this moment in time, in the history of our country, we want people that we call “doers’’ who make things happen through their active participation to achieve the desired results,” said Minister Hungwe.

“We need a new breed of graduates who are equipped with practical skills and are able to do something on their own using their hands, feet or minds. We do not need people who are only good at theory, but cannot do anything that will take our country forward.”

Minister Hungwe paid tribute to Clr Zivhu for his spirited commitment to transforming the socio-economic face of Chivi District and beyond, through massive investments in the development of education and upgrading the living standards of ordinary people.

‘’He is a true hero and champion of development not only for the people of Chivi and Masvingo, but Zimbabwe at large,” he said.

“Clr Zivhu exemplifies practical individuals who are always ready to provide solutions in the quest to improve the way people live.

“We want to applaud him for his sterling contribution to engender development, especially in Chivi district.”

In his address, Clr Zivhu, who is also the Zanu-PF Provincial secretary for Finance said every Zimbabwean was supposed to play a role in making sure Zim-Asset goals were achieved.

He said President Mugabe needed the support and active participation of every Zimbabwean for socio-economic transformation that will extricate the majority of people out of poverty.

“President Mugabe and his contemporaries fought the war and they managed to bring political independence and went a step further to begin the struggle for economic independence,” said Clr Zivhu.

“Today’s struggle to create a prosperous Zimbabwe needs a new breed of soldiers who are able to build on what President Mugabe and other founding fathers of our nation did for us.”

Clr Zivhu pledged to continue assisting in the development of schools and other infrastructure.

He announced his donation of $10 000 towards the 21st February Movement celebrations to be held in Masvingo on February 27.

He also donated a further 50 bags of cement to continue the refurbishment works at Maringire Primary School.

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