Water supplies improve as national dam levels swell

31 Dec, 2020 - 00:12 0 Views
Water supplies improve as national dam levels swell

The Herald

Elita Chikwati
Agriculture Reporter
Zimbabwe’s national dams now hold almost 60 percent of their total capacity, far more than the 48,6 percent this time last year with dams filling and some even spilling owing to the current rains.

Cities and towns are now likely to see their reservoirs fill during the present season, relieving or alleviating raw water shortages, and in the case of Harare ensuring cleaner raw water as Lake Chivero will be partially flushed when it spills.

Farmers will have the dams required for irrigation full, especially important for the next winter copping season.

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) corporate communications and marketing officer, Mr Tsungirirai Shoriwa on Monday said water levels continue to improve on the backdrop of the rains currently being experienced in most parts of the country.

“As of December 29, 2020, the national dam level average had risen to 59,5 percent.

“Gwayi Catchment has a dam level average of 71,7 percent, Manyame Catchment 59,5percent, Mazowe Catchment 40,7 percent, Mzingwane Catchment 58,5 percent, Runde Catchment 58,9 percent, Sanyati Catchment 85,2 percent and Save Catchment 53,9 percent.

“A number of dams around the country, including Ngwenya, Exchange, Pollards, Nyangombe, Upper Insiza, Bulilima, Silalabuhwa, Tokwane, Padre’s Pool, Odzani, Muzhwi, Small Bridge and Nerutanga are now full and some are already spilling.

“The filling of the dams points to improved water security for the country’s major towns and cities as well  as improved water security for the next winter cropping season,” said Mr Shoriwa.

Mr Shoriwa urged the public to continue using water sparingly.

“All those intending to use raw water from ZINWA managed dams are advised to ensure that their water use is in terms of water abstraction agreements as required by the Water Act.

Any water use for purposes other than primary purposes, without a water abstraction agreement constitutes an offence and offenders are liable to prosecution,” he said.

Meanwhile the Meteorological Services Department has said rains will continue in parts of the country with a bit of a bonus over the next couple of days as tropical storm Chalane adds some extra, although rainfall is unlikely to exceed 50mm over 24 hours in most areas.

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