Water shortages hit Kariba

Kariba Bureau
SOME parts of Kariba town have been experiencing intermittent water supplies in recent weeks, forcing residents to risk being attacked by wild animals when fetching water at night.

Ironically, Kariba town is adjacent to one of the world’s biggest inland lakes by volume Lake Kariba.

The most affected areas include Nyamhunga, Batonga, Baobab Ridge and Heights where wild animals roam freely, especially at night.

Residents interviewed said water challenges had persisted in some areas, but had worsened in recent weeks.

“We are no longer sleeping before midnight because you will go without water. Some areas get water supplies around midnight while others do not even get the water forcing them to walk at night to the areas where water is coming out.”

Kariba municipality acting town clerk Mr Saratiere Chitenhe said the situation will this weekend after pumps were repaired.

This comes as six pumps have already been bought from South Africa with delivery expected soon.

“We are aware of the water challenges that are currently being experienced in the town. These are being caused by two broken down pumps which we have however, taken for repairs.”

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