Water shortage hits Mt Darwin Hospital

23 Nov, 2016 - 00:11 0 Views

The Herald

Takudzwa Matambura Herald Reporter—

MT DARWIN Hospital is operating without water and there are fears of an outbreak of diseases at health institutions in Mashonaland Central Province.The hospital is surviving on the generosity of Madzibaba Wimbo who supplies water from Shamva three times a day.

The hospital’s director Dr George Matiye confirmed the development in an interview with The Herald recently.

He said Government had been informed of the water crisis and measures were being taken to address it.

“There is no water in the whole district but for now we are using water bowsers to get water for hospital use and the Ministry of Environment, Water and Climate was now aware and working on the situation”, he said. We are getting water from Wimbo among other areas and the whole district is facing water shortages.

Dr Matiye said their surgeries were functioning. He said they are making frantic efforts to prevent an outbreak of diseases among patients.

“We are doing everything. Although it is not proper but we are trying our best to avoid new outbreaks of diseases”, said Dr Matiye. Vadzidzi va Jesu member Zex Pamacheche confirmed the church was assisting the hospital and surrounding communities with water.

“We do not bar anyone from getting water here. He (Madzibaba Wimbo) said water should not be limited to anyone. We are helping many people,” he said.

Mt Darwin Hospital attends to at least 100 patients daily.

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