Wataffi relocates to Mozambique

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Wataffi, who was the other half of the famed Qaya Music group called Afrika Revenge, said there was no reason for him to stay when Zimbabweans had failed to embrace his new brand of music.
“Most people are still dreaming of Afrika Revenge, a group that has been dead for the past six years and instead of embracing Willis Wataffi as a solo performer they still want us as Afrika Revenge which unfortunately at this point is not possible. Zimbabweans have failed to embrace me as Willis and my music and there is no reason to stay,” Wataffi explained.

However, the “Wanga” composer. who is currently in Zimbabwe, said his move to Mozambique was meant to try out new markets outside Zimbabwe.
“It is a different feeling and different market which I hope will bear fruits in future,” he said.
Earlier in an interview with Star FM, Wataffi said he was on the verge of releasing his third album which is likely to ride on the success of his two previous projects — “Zhizha” and “Qaya Roots”.

About his upcoming album, Wataffi said it features several collaborations with musicians from Tanzania, South Africa and Mozambique.
The duo of Wataffi and Mehluli “Taz” Moyo unceremoniously parted ways after a spate of bickering and badmouthing each other off stage.
At one point, efforts to unite the two on stage hit a brick wall after Wataffi refused an offer by one Max Mugaba, a music promoter, to perform on the same bill as Zahara in March this year.

Wataffi claimed Africa Revenge was bigger than  Zahara and it was unfair to try and bring the band together for the sake of the gig. Since their split in 2006, Wataffi continued to pursue music with his group Qaya Rootz while Taz went into advertising.

The Nama and Zima award-winning Africa Revenge shot to fame in 2004 with the release of their hit album “Qaya Music” which featured several chart toppers among them “Wanga”, “Memo” and “Buwe Buwe”.

At the time of their split Africa Revenge was one of the few Zimbabwean groups that had great potential for international appeal because of the superb quality of their music.

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